The video of the world’s most difficult dance went viral, people said after seeing it – do you have spring in your feet?

Toughest dance: The video of the jolly dance was shared on Twitter with the handle @TheFigen_. This 1 minute video is creating panic on the internet. It got more than 18 million views in a few hours.

Jolly dance is said to be the toughest dance in the world.

Image Credit Source: Twitter/@TheFigen_

Most Impossible Dance: The world of social media is also amazing. There is no telling what wonderful things will be seen here. Right now, one such dance video has come out, which will make you want to dance too. It features a man moving his legs as if they had a spring in them. According to the information, this Jolly Dance (Jolly dance) is Social media users The hardest dance in the world Says it is done in the West African country of Ivory Coast.

This video of Jolly dancing was shot during a cultural event in Africa. In it you can see a man in traditional dress wearing a mask dancing and shaking his feet. The performer taps his feet so fast, it’s as if his feet have springs. Social media users are finding this dance form very difficult. Some claim that it is the hardest dance style in the world.

Watch the world’s hardest dance video here

Jolly’s dance video was shared on Twitter on the handle @TheFigen_. This 1 minute video is creating panic on the internet. The video, which was uploaded a few hours ago, has been viewed more than 18 lakh times. At the same time, the post received more than 52 thousand likes and 10 thousand retweets. Also hundreds of users have commented. One wrote, what power. On the other hand, others say that they have never seen a more difficult dance. So there they are saying something, it seems like a spring is attached to the leg.

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According to UNESCO, Jolly is a popular dance performed by the Guro community of Baufale and Jeuneula. This dance respects the beauty of women. Performers wear two types of masks during the jolly dance. Blau and Zella.


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