The parker pen that made the world crazy was the experiment of a humble teacher Read the full story

George Parker’s image then is that of a humble teacher. He had no experience in production and marketing. He believed that if his pen was good, people would buy it.

The story of Parker Penn

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The 1880s were underway. In a telegraphy school in Jamesville, Wisconsin, USA George Safford Parker There was a young teacher named Besides teaching, he used to sell fountain pens of the then famous pen company ‘John Holland Gold’. There were some problems with these products. They didn’t last long. These would run out of ink quickly and they would also leak, ruining the fabric. Seeing these problems, Parker took it as a challenge and it later proved to be a great opportunity for him.

To improve the fountain pen, he bought some tools to overcome its shortcomings. He involved his students as well and by implementing the trial and error formula fixed the problems of those students who were struggling within about a month. And that’s where the story of Parker and his pen begins.

The company started in 1888

George Parker patented a solution to the fountain pen’s ink leakage problem, and then the business idea began to pop into his head. But there were two common problems. First problem is money and second problem is fear of failure. But there is victory over fear. Parker strengthened his mind and started looking for new solutions to overcome problems.

As a result, he found a solution in the form of the Lucky Curve Feed, which removes excess ink from the pen when the pen is not in use and in the user’s pocket. The ink leakage issue has been resolved. This solution was patented by George and eventually opened the Parker Pen Company in 1888.

The challenge of fighting against well-known companies

George Parker’s image then is that of a humble teacher. He had no experience in production and marketing. He believed that if his pen was good, people would buy it. Then big pen manufacturers like John Holland, Williamson, HB Smith were entering the market. Parker had to carve out a place for himself in this. He wanted his pen to be affordable, durable, attractive and functional.

Cars left, business started

Parker needed big capital. Supported by WF Palmer, who had met Parker on an insurance matter and was impressed. Palmer then gave George $1000 in capital and he became half of the company. Parker and Palmer ran the company from a small house till 1898 and they got good response in the market. With the introduction of the jointless model in 1899, he established his business in a four-story building on South Main Street in Jamesville. They have 100 distributors worldwide.

The age of the ballpen and Parker’s popularity

After the death of company founder George Parker in 1937, the company was handed over and carried forward by competent directors. Ball pens entered the world in the middle of the 20th century. Where will Parker be behind? The company has also introduced their excellent ball pen ‘Jatter’. Jotter remained in the shadows for decades from 1954. In the decades that followed, many of the company’s pens were loved around the world. Parker pens are also being manufactured in India for the last few decades. It has a partnership with Delhi’s Luxor Group. Parker is covered in many countries of the world including India.


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