The man, angry with the car company, turned the SUV into a dustbin and vented his anger in front of the showroom

Car Dustbin: The car owner has turned his car into a dustbin. And he is protesting against the car company in a novel manner. See full case details here.

Mahindra XUV300 dustbin made

Image credit source: One India Punjabi

Car Dustbin: Buying a car is still a big deal for many people in India. Then be it a new car or an old car people want to keep it for a long time. But have you ever seen someone carrying garbage in his XUV? In fact, an incident recently came to light where a disgruntled Mahindra XUV300 owner used the vehicle to collect garbage. There have been many cases where people have been given bad cars which cause a lot of problems for the car owner.

In most cases, these problems are corrected or in some cases, a new car is given to the owner. But according to reports, in a recent video, a disgruntled Mahindra XUV300 owner has used his vehicle to collect garbage.

This is the whole thing

According to the news, the incident is from Punjab. Custom bought a brand new XUV300 SUV from a Mahindra dealership located near his home Mahindra recently launched the XUV300 in the market with a new logo After buying the car, the owner went out with his family. After that the owner ran into problems with the car and noticed that the performance of the car was not up to the mark. AFTER A WHILE THE CAR STOPPED WORKING AND IT WON’T START. He took the car to the dealership where he bought the SUV. He then turns his car into a dustbin.

For this reason the XUV300 was converted into a garbage truck

According to the owner, he has visited the service center for about 10 days and his problem is still not resolved. THEY TOOK THE VEHICLE TO THE SERVICE CENTER BUT THE PROBLEM REMAINS. The owner complained about this but his problem was not resolved. The XUV300 owner became frustrated with the vehicle and when he found that his problem was not being resolved after repeated complaints, he decided to protest in another way.

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Car owner’s claim

According to a report by OneIndia Punjabi, the owner pasted USE ME stickers all over the car and converted it into a dustbin. He says that the car is of no use to him and that is why he decided to collect the garbage. According to the report, the owner of the car wants the dealership to take the car back. The poster of the car says that this dustbin costs Tk 15 lakh and neither Ambani nor Adani have it.


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