The Last Of Us Episode 8 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

For those who are watching a web series with great determination, it is very difficult for them to wait for the upcoming episodes. Each previous episode of any series leaves the audience waiting for the next episode and they desperately wait for the entire week to watch it. “The Last Of Us” is one such interesting web series that is currently entertaining the audience who already watch 7 episodes of its and now waiting to watch the 8th episode. However, the audience doesn’t know when it will be available to watch and they are making searches regarding it. Now after watching the curiosity of the people, we are present here to share the details of it.

The Last Of Us Episode 8 Release Date

The Last Of Us Episode 8 Release Date

This ongoing continues to hit watchers in the heart. Viewing Ellie losing someone else she cared for describes why she is sarcastic. Whenever she gets close to someone, they leave her. It is a way to stop herself from getting hurt again and again. As per the details, the 8th episode of “The Last Of Us” may not be as sad. The only broken things watchers will watch are cracking bones. Many people are surely keen to know what they can expect to watch in this series. Keep on reading this blog, to know each and every detail of it.

The Release Time Of The 8th Episode Of “The Last Of Us”

The title of the upcoming 8th episode is “When We Are In Need” which launches on HBO and will be available to watch on HBO this week, Sunday, 5th March 2023 at around 09:00 PM ET, 08:00 PM CT and 06:00 PM. PT. This upcoming episode of the series will stream on HBO Max in the United States at the same time. Different other HBO Max originals such as titled “Titans and Doom Patrol”, the first season of The Last Of Us will not be divided into 2 parts. The show on HBO Max has been telecasting new episodes weekly and will carry on with do so until the final episode of the season. The report states that only 2 episodes are left before the conclusion of the show.

The Last Of Us Episode 8 Release Date

People are really enjoying watching this series and that is why they are searching for the details of it. But those people who have not watched a single episode of the series and they are interested in watching this 8th episode need to finish the previous episodes only then they can able to follow the series. As of now, we just have only this many details but we will surely come back with more information.

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