The ‘Lady Brigade’ ready to destroy Pak terrorists, the pain of losing a loved one will turn into strength

Rekha Sharma said that like Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi who fought against the British till her last breath, we women of Dangri will also fight against Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

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In Pakistan and its Occupied Kashmir, women are being trained as terrorists, while in India, women are being prepared to fight terrorists. to whom Village Defense Committee (VDC) trained as members. Women VDC members are playing their role very well in many villages affected by border and militancy. One of them is Rekha Sharma, 47, a resident of Upper Dangri village in Jammu. He picked up a gun to fight the terrorists.

Rekha Sharma said that like Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi who fought against the British till her last breath, we women of Dangri will also fight against Pakistan sponsored terrorism. They (terrorists) have shed blood in my house, my village and my motherland, we will avenge this killing. Rekha said she decided to take up the gun because she could not bear the grief of a widow in her neighborhood who lost her two sons in a terrorist attack in the village on January 1 and 2 this year.

The neighbor’s two children died

Neighbor Suraj Devi had lost her husband a few years ago, but according to the wealth ensured good education for both her children – Deepak Sharma and Prince Sharma. Both children have done M.Sc. Prince got a job in the water power department on a compassionate basis in his father’s place. Deepak was posted at the Army’s Field Ordnance Depot in Ladakh, but died a week before joining duty. Injured in the terrorist attack, Yuvraj died a few days later.

Imagination of women’s suffering

You cannot imagine the agony of a woman whose two children were killed before her eyes. Rekha says I couldn’t hear her scream. He said Suraj Devi’s condition made him think that if she had weapons and knew how to shoot, the terrorists could not have fled the scene. Rekha says she can’t do anything as she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun. Rekha’s husband Randhir Kumar Sharma is a businessman. His elder son is doing business after graduation and daughter is doing MSc from Jammu University. The younger son is in ninth grade.

Rekha got married in Dangri in 1997

Rekha, who hails from Delhi, married Randhir in Dangri in 1997 when militancy was at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir. Her husband, then a member of the Village Defense Committee (VDC), taught her how to use a gun in 1999 after terrorists killed around half a dozen people at a wedding ceremony in nearby Bal Jarala village.

Place your weapon in the iron box

But after restoring peace, people forget about VDC and keep weapons in their trunks (iron boxes). She said her husband also surrendered his gun. He said, there is no fear among people, everyone is roaming freely even late at night. Rekha, however, said that the demand for arms is increasing again after Deepak and Prince, along with seven civilians, were killed in the recent terrorist attack. He said, I will convince other women of the village to take up arms and take training to fight against terrorists.

Assured to form Village Defense Committee

After the terror attack in Upper Dangri village, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant-Governor Manoj Sinha assured the villagers to form Doda-type Village Defense Committees, named Village Defense Guards. Unlike VDCs, where only SPOs were paid Rs 1,500 per month, each VDG will get Rs 4,000 per month. Whoever heads the VDG will be paid Rs 4,500 per month, sources said, adding that authorities are also planning to issue semi-automatic weapons like SLRs to ex-servicemen who register themselves as VDGs.

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Rekha’s father was in the Delhi Police

Rekha’s father late Krishna Lal was with the Delhi Police, and her father-in-law late Mela Ram was with the Jammu and Kashmir Police. His last posting was as SHO in Budhal area of ​​Rajouri. She thanked her husband and her late father-in-law for supporting her in all aspects of life.


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