The bride danced on the stage of Jayamala, you will want to see it again and again – video

The viral clip will make you think that the bride is a professional dancer. His every move is amazing. At this time, the groom’s reaction is worth watching. Because he had no idea that even the bride would dance like that.

The bride set the stage of Jayamala on fire through dance

Image Credit Source: Twitter/@Gulzar_sahab

social media But this day a bride video A lot is happening. In fact, in the viral clip, the bride on stage at Jaymala dances with her friends in such an amazing way that don’t even ask. After watching the video you will feel like a bride Professional dancer is His every move is amazing. At this time, the reaction of the bridegroom king is also worth seeing. Because he had no idea that even the bride would dance like that. Social media users are liking this video a lot and they are enjoying it a lot.

In the viral video, the bride and groom are seen sitting on the stage of Jayamala. Suddenly the bride’s friends come there and then the bride gets up from the chair and starts showing off her amazing dance moves with them. This time, the expressions given by the groom are worth watching. The video shows the bride and her friends showing amazing dance moves to every beat of the song. Looks like the bride practiced a lot for this performance.

Watch the bride’s thang dance video here

This amazing dance video of the bride was shared on Twitter by the handle @Gulzar_sahab. The user captioned it, ‘Such a dancing bride should get married, or I’ll run away from the pavilion.’ This video shared a day ago is creating a lot of buzz on the internet. So far, the 55-second clip has garnered nearly 3.5 lakh views, with more than 12,000 people liking it. This number is increasing rapidly. At the same time, many have given their opinion.

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A user wrote, Bhai (groom) must also be thinking what to do, even though he got it with difficulty. On the other hand, the other says that the weight of the groom’s life has decreased. When a professional dancer marries someone, another user commented. Overall, people are liking this video a lot.


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