How did Thansiya die? Malabar Medical College doctor found dead in apartment in Kozhikode

Thansiya was a medical student at Malabar Medical College in Kozhikode. She was 25 years old. She was found in her friend’s apartment. What happened to her? You will get complete details about the girl in this article. Keep reading for more information. 


Who was Thansiya From Malabar Medical College?

Thansiya was a young girl. She was born after 1995. She is said to be a medical student at Malabar Medical college. Her body was found around 10 a.m. The incident took place on 1 March 2023, Wednesday. His friend’s apartment is in Palazzi. After her body was found, she was immediately taken to Kozhikode Medical college hospital. The investigation started the same day. It was found by her collegemates and other sources that she was under treatment for epilepsy. The city is Kerala. 


The city has a history of the spice trade. The city has a popular Kappad beach. She was said to have belonged to Kaniya Betta, Wayanad, but there is no confirmation yet. We don’t have much information about the incident. The student was found dead in her friend’s apartment. This is raising questions about her friend being the suspect. It’s only one day until the incident. The investigation is going on. The police have not revealed much information about her. 

The case is going on, so not much information has been disclosed yet. Her family is going through tough times after her death. The investigators are trying to find out more details about her friend where she was found dead. She was a postgraduate. Her only aim was to be successful in the medical line. People near the locality are shocked after the incident. Many are blaming her friend. We don’t have any information about her friend yet. 

We hope and pray that the reason behind her death will be disclosed soon. People are sending condolences to her family. Is it often heart-touching when you lose your loved ones? The college where she studied has not mentioned anything about her yet. We will update you soon about the incident even as the information is released. Sources say that her friend was from the same field of study. The investigation will further proceed. If any suspect is found, he/she will be punished. This was all about her. We pray for strength for her family.  

We will update you with more information as the case progresses. We keep bringing such information on our website. Keep reading for more details on 

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