Why Tam Khan Was Arrested? Tam Khan And His Friend Viral Video

Tam Khan is in the headlines for being arrested. What charges he has faced? Why he has been arrested? People are curious to know about Tam Khan and his friend Tate’s arrest. You will get complete details about Tam Khan in this video. Stay tuned for more information.

Tam Khan Arrested

Why Was Tam Khan Arrested?

Tam Khan was said to be arrested. What charges he is facing? Tam Khan’s friend, Andrew Tate was said to be taken for investigation for rape and human trafficking matters. The arrest of him and his brother was confirmed by their attorney. The statement was made on Friday. Directorate For Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism DIICOT mentions that a total of four suspects were found that were involved in human trafficking.

Two suspects of them were Romanian citizens while the other two were British. Andrew Tate was also said to be supporting Tam Khan in rape and human trafficking. Tam Khan is a well-known MMA Fighter and YouTuber. He has been living in Dubai. What charges have Tam Khan been put upon?

Tam Khan Arrested

What Charges Is Tam Khan Put Upon?

Tam Khan’s friend, Tate, was arrested in Romania on 30th December 2022. It created controversies all over the internet. They both were in support of each other in rape and human trafficking cases. While Tam Khan was seen supporting his friend. He mentions that Tate is innocent. As he is a YouTuber, he also made a video explaining the innocence of his friend, Tate, and his brother, Tristan. He titled the video, The Arrest of Andrew & Tristan- Tam Khan’s Message. He mentioned his beliefs and experiences with his 15 years friend. There is also a video getting viral over TikTok. Let us have more details about his video.

Tam Khan Arrested

Why Was His TikTok Video Viral?

Tate Khan was arrested a few months back while his friend Tam Khan is expressing his sorrow and he is trying to provide him justice. We can also see a tweet by Tam Khan which mentions that Tate is his friend for 15 years. He is like his brother and knows for sure that he is innocent. He was said to be imprisoned for 30 days. Let us have more details about Tam Khan.

Few Personal Details About Tam Khan:

Tam Khan is said to be born and brought up in London. His parents belonged to Afghanistan. They shifted to London in 1979. They later moved to Essex when Tam was only 11 years old. Stay tuned for more details.

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