How did Stray Kids’ Felix’s grandmother die? K-pop star Stray Kids’ Felix’s grandmother passes away

Stary Kids Felix’s Grandma is said to be passed away. what happened to her? People are curious to know more about Stay Kida Felix’s grandma. You will get complete details about Stray Kids Felix’s grandma’s death cause in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Stray Kids' Felix's grandmother

How did Stray Kids’ Felix’s grandmother die?

Stray Kids Felix is 2000 born. He celebrates his birthday every year on 15 September. He is a well-known member of the K-pop group. He has grown up in Sydney, Australia. His parents migrated from Korea. He make the decision to go back to South Korea in February 2017. He started his journey after getting an invite from JYP Entertainment to make the audition. He performed freestyle dancing that the company find to be interesting. He was on board on 24th February 2017. He was into the show, Stray Kids. As he was grown up outside Korea, he felt difficulty in learning the Korean language. He debuted on 25th March 2018 with the album I Am NOT. He was the rapper and the dancer in the video. He was also a part of Pops in Seoul from July 2019 to January 2020. He got his grip on English and was able to have better communication with his fans. There have been rumors about Felix’s grandma passing. People are curious to know more about her.

Stray Kids' Felix's grandmother

What Happened To Felix’s Grandma?

Felizx who is a part of the K-pop group, Stray Kids, mentioned sad news on social media describing the death of her grandmother. Felix and his whole family are mourning the loss of their loved one. He shared the incident on 24th June 223. He was unable to participate in the show, Star River Call Event which was to happen on 25th June. JYP Entertainment has also asked the fans to show some love and support. People are eager to know the cause of her death. There have not been many details about the cause of death of his grandma. They have asked for some privacy. It is our responsibility to give them some privacy at such a difficult time. They might come up with the cause later. Fans are sharing condolences with Felix and his family. The show planned for 25th June has been canceled. It may be re-schedule later. This was all about Felix’s grandma’s passing. We will update you with more details as we get to know more about it. We keep bringing sich details on our website.

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