What Happened To Stalin Jacob? Photographer killed in accident in Chennai

This is to inform you that a famous photographer lost his life tragically in Kiramlainagar. Here we are talking about the renowned photographer Stalin Jacob. Yes, you heard it right, Stalin Jacob is no more. He has passed away. How did he die? What was Stalin Jacob’s cause of death? Since Stalin Jacob’s death news surfaced on the internet, and his followers and well-wishers have been keeping his family in their prayers. But they are also seeking details about Stalin Jacob’s death. Needless to say, on social media a lot of questions are prevailing among its users. In fact, this is the reason this story is trending everywhere. However, we have come up with this article to make you informed about this story. You are just required to stick with this page and must read down the page till the end. Kindly swipe down the page and fetch the details.

Stalin Jacob Accident

Stalin Jacob killed in an accident in Chennai

According to the reports, Stalin Jacob passed away in a car accident. Reportedly, Stalin Jacob’s car accident took place near Kiramalainagar. He was a famous photographer. More about him, Stalin Jacob was from Coimbatore and he was living in Chennai. Reportedly, Stalin Jacob was also the owner of an online food delivery company known as “What a Karward” Being a noted person in the country, his death left people shocked. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Talking about Stalin Jacob’s cause of death, it is obvious that he died after succumbing to his injuries sustained in the accident. Thus, it can be concluded that Stalin Jacob’s cause of death was linked to his accident. People knew him because of his photographs which he took at the funeral ceremony of the late CM Karunanidhi. He became a popular figure on social media, thanks to his photography.

Stalin Jacob Accident

Talking about the circumstances surrounding Stalin Jacob’s accident, it happened when he was coming back to Chennai. Reportedly, he was with his friend named Vishnu when a truck hit their car from behind. Both of them were thrown out of the car and they were rushed to Chengalpattu Government Hospital with the help of an ambulance. But they could not be saved. He and his friend, both were pronounced dead at the Chengalpattu Government Hospital. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Stalin Jacob Accident

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