Skeem Saam Episode 29th April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

Skeem Saam released its next episode on 29th April 2023, Thursday. People have given a good response to it. Many have missed the episode. If you have missed it, you will get a complete glance at the Skeem Saam episode 29th April 2023, Thursday. Keep reading for more information.

Skeem Saam Episode 29th April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

What Happened In Skeem Saam Episode 29th April 2023?

Skeem Saam Episode 29th April 2023 starts with the girl lying unconscious in the hospital as she wakes up. She tells everything that happens to her. She mentions how the woman enters her house. Also, she beat her and insulted her. She Gave her threats of killing. As she was going on with her own activities, her house was in flames. The guy standing in her front asks that did she saw her causing the fire. She replies that she doesn’t see but she knows for sure that she is the one behind her.

He says that he is not understanding the whole situation and she says that is why he is taking it as a coincidence. She has threatened to kill and also as she wakes up she is in the hospital. She asks him to arrest her. The scene changes where girls are coming from their institute. Ntswaki is being asked by her friends about the gut that she really likes. Eish came there to talk with Ntswaki. Her friends move out of the scene. He says worryingly that is why she isn’t responding to her calls. She says that she was doing her schoolwork.

Where he does not believe in her. The guy asks about another guy, Buti Kat. He saw her flirting with him. He says her that he is not the right guy for her. He is much older than her. While she says that it’s not so serious. Eish says that he loves her but she goes from there. In the last, we see the guy whose father is admitted to the hospital looks broke and was talking to someone.

While the guy says over the call that he hopes his dad will be fine but he is still unconscious. The guy over the call asks him to keep updating about him whether he is recovering or not. He agrees and cuts the call. On the other hand, we saw his mother being arrested or called at the station. This was all about Skeem Saam Episode 29th April 2023. Stay tuned for more details.

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