Skeem Saam 3 May 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

Here we will share a written update on the most famous show Sakeem Saam. This show is exciting and superb. This show became the no 1 show on television. Everyone watches this show to be excited. Everyone waits for the next episode to find the actual answers. The last episode has created numerous questions in the mind of the fans so they want to watch the 3 May episode of Skeem Saam. We will share all the details regarding the show. People are hitting the search engine to gain all the information on the upcoming episode. Let’s continue the update of the 3rd of May 2023.

Skeem Saam

Skeem Saam 3 May 2023

The latest episode starts with Zamokuhle Seakamela saying to Celia Kunutu that the candle fell on the curtain. She asks him if he is defending her. Then the nurse comes into the room and says her that she has to back to her ward so she can discharge her. Celia Kunutu gets aggressive and says to her that if she doesn’t has a home then where should she go? After that, Dr. Kgmo comes and says hello to Dr. Thobakgale. She gives her smile. Several things remain to tell you about the next episode. Scroll down the page to know more information about the upcoming episode. 

On the basis of another promo video, He says to Doctor Kgmo that he had dishonored their marriage but she doesn’t see him during the conversation and she leaves his hand. But he says that he is nothing without her and their son. They are very important to him and he can’t leave without them. You will see further in the show another one says that dating older men isn’t okay. She asks her did she have to tell Mma. Where she is going to listen? Her daughter says she is sure that she will be very happy when she takes her back home. 

In other promo video shows, She says telling her son to stay away from Ntswaki. They are just kids playing around soon, someone will be pregnant. The mother of both kids argues with each other to give various statements. Her mother says that they are just kids playing around. She says further that she can’t raise a baby at this age. A Kuntnu baby at that. This show is very interesting and amazing all the characters are great in the show. Stay tuned for more updates.

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