Did Simon Cowell Die? Is Simon Cowell Really Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

Rumours and controversies are two things that come along with success and popularity. Every big personality and star has gone through it or we can say they are still facing it. As everyone says, if you are a star then there is a high chance that the controversy will be behind you and sometimes it helps to increase stardom. There is a huge difference between controversy and rumours, controversy is created by the stars themselves whereas rumours are created by other people. Sometimes rumours have truth in them but most are fake ones.

Simon Cowell

Is Simon Cowell Really Dead or Alive?

Mostly death news of famous celebrities surfaced on the web as it is the easiest way to increase the traffic of the websites and that is why many websites share fake news so that people read it and make it trending. The more people search the more money a website make and that is why websites use a piece of particular fake news to pull attention. Death rumours of big celebrities are one such stunt that usually websites did and mostly it is found as a hoax. This time as well, the death rumours of Simon Cowell are covering the headlines of the news and his fans are in shock ever since they heard this news.

Simon Cowell

Many people are sharing it with each other and making it more viral and the reason for the search. Those people who are active on social media platforms might have watched certain posts that are asserting that Cowell is no more and he left the world. This news is no less than trauma for his fans and they are searching for the authenticity of the news in a devastating state. There are many loyal fans of his who are demanding to have proof of it and stating that without having any real and authentic proof they will not believe this news. A heavy search for this news has down the server and it is getting tough for his fans to get the details of it.

Simon Cowell

Many reports are spreading on social media which are shared by the local press, several admirers of the English TV personality are believing this news to be true but some are still looking for the real news. According to the reports, the cause of the demise is shared as the lethal car accident and the local press is claiming this news to be true. The report of the local press is stating that a TV personality perished in the medical institution as soon as he was admitted to the hospital. Because of that, the Internet is flooded with tributes and condolences messages are sending by his fans who are completely devastated by this news.

Simon Cowell

Though we have a piece of happy news for the fans of the judge of Britain’s Got Talent he is well and alive which means the rumours related to his death are completely fake and debunked by the star himself through his social media account. Recently, on Tuesday, 31st January 2023, the star made a tweet in which he shares his photo and made a caption that reads “This was a performance I wish I could watch again for the 1st time. #agallstars”. Apart from it, no official statements or announcements have been made about the demise of the star. This tweet is evidence that the star has not perished and that his passing hearsay is merely a hoax. A few weeks back, many users of social media shared some news articles from the local press that asserted that popular celebrities from Kelly Clarkson to Alan Jackson and even Elliott Davis have perished.

Now the English TV personality’s name has been added to the list of the death hoax and his loyal fans are angry and want strict action against such local press and websites which share fake news so that they don’t share such things again. Simon Cowell is actually a big personality and he is a famous English TV personality who is famous for shows like Got Talent and X Factor which have been franchised and solo throughout the world. In further addition to this, he is a famous judge who has been part of many reality shows that including The X Factor US, The X Factor UK, America’s Got Talent, Pop Idol, American Idol, and Britain’s Got Talent.

Who Is Simon Cowell?

This famous star was born in the month of October 1959 in London and he was brought up in Hertfordshire. Cowell was basically born into a Jewish family, however, his mother was a Christian. He completed his education at Radlett Preparatory School and after that, he joined Dover College. His love life is always in the news and he dated many celebrities in past. One of his love affairs was much controversial and he betrayed his friend by having an affair with his wife. He was dating Lauren Silverman who was apparently the wife of Cowell’s pal, Andrew. Not only this, but after one, Silver got pregnant and gave birth to the son of Simon on 14th February 2014. After that, the duo officially announced their engagement in the month of January 2022.

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