Sherwood Car Accident: 5 Sylvan Hills High School Accident: Victims Identified

We never understand the pain of the family who lost their son’s life at another person’s fault. Law enforcement and traffic police departments always run campaigns to make people aware of the accidents that happen due to car accidents. But there are many people who never take these rules seriously and end up hurting themselves and other people. This time as well 5 families are mourning the demise of their loved ones. This news is quite heartbreaking for everyone to hear as the deceased were students who had many dreams in their eyes but now their families are mourning their demise. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Sherwood Car Accident 5 Sylvan Hills High School Accident

Sherwood Car Accident

This news has been coming from Sylvan Hills High School which is currently feeling sorrow after learning the death news of 5 students who lost their lives due to a car accident that happened in Wyoming. As soon as this news surfaced on the web it instantly pulled the attention of everyone and the entire world is sorrowing the demise of these students. The moment news surfaced on the web everyone looked to know about the entire situation and who were those who lost their lives and who is the culprit. All these questions are currently disturbing them and they want to know the answer to this.

Sylvan Hills High School Accident

As we mentioned above this incident happened in Wyoming and the passing news of these students was officially confirmed by the mouthpiece of the Pulaski County Special District on Monday. He shared the identity of students who lost their lives in a crash. As per the spokesperson, of the students who lost their lives, 2 were presently studying at the school and 3 were already completed their graduation. The current deceased students were identified as Suzy Prime and Ava Luplow. Former pupils were Maggie Franco, Saloman Correa, and Andra Prime who was the sister of Suzy Prime.

Sylvan Hills High School Accident Victims Identified

  • Salomon Correa
  • Magdalene Franco
  • Andrea Prime
  • Suzy Prime
  • Ava Luplow

The spokesperson further added that Wyoming Highway Patrol informed them the pupils were engaged in a multi-vehicle collision that happened due to the driver who was going the wrong side down the highway. As per the report given by Wyoming Highway Patrol, the accident occurred when a Dodge Ram was driving on the wrong side down Interstate 80 and crashed into a commercial truck and an automobile. At the time of the incident, a 2nd commercial truck tried to avoid the accident and he drive the truck into the median, but at the same this his truck takes the entry in the eastbound lane and crashed with the Ford F-150. This car was operated by the pupils.

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