Who is Serkan Gündüz THY, where is he from, Age, education, parents, from which party?

Suddenly people started unfolding the details of Serkan Gündüz THY. Lots of questions are being asked about him. Who is Serkan Gündüz THY and who is his father? But why? According to the reports, people on social media have been seeking details of Serkan Gündüz THY after coming across a video shared by Omer Koray Ozbay who committed suicide. Yes, you heard it right, Omer Koray Ozbay asserted Serkan Gündüz THY’s name in his suicide note that he left before dying. This is why many people are taking over the internet and searching for Serkan Gündüz THY. We have done in-depth research and tried to answer each and every imperative question related to him. Stay tuned to this article for a while and go through the following sections. Swipe down the screen.

Serkan Gündüz Thy

Who is Serkan Gündüz THY?

According to Turkish media agencies, Omer Koray Ozbay who died by suicide posted a video and penned a letter before committing suicide. In the video, Omer said, “Serkan Gündüz THY is guilty of my death” Since Omer’s video surfaced on the internet it has been going viral and making a noise over there. A stir already has been created. People have set their keen eyes on this incident, they want to know every single update on this case.

Serkan Gündüz Thy

Reportedly Omer Koray Ozbay was working at Turkish Ground Services which is owned by THY. The ground handling company of THY is accused of pressurizing and humiliating its employee. In the suicide video and letter, Omer said he could not bear the pressures, merit, and humiliation. Furthermore, he asserted that he killed himself as a result of the injustices he endured there. “Serkan Gündüz THY is responsible for my death”. Now people are keen to know who is he and what is his net worth. Kindly drag down the page and know more about him.

Reportedly Serkan Gündüz THY is the owner of the firm where Omer used to work. Talking about his wealth or net worth, he has not revealed this information yet. In the suicide letter, Omer Koray asserted a few more names to blame for his death. He said Serkan Gündüz THY, Burhan Bayhan, and Alican Gundiz are responsible for his demise. Netizens on social media have spread the video on every platform. The video can be found easily on Youtube as well. No update has come up from the police investigation. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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