WATCH: Seema Haider Dance Video in red saree goes viral

Recently, news surfaced from the Greater Noida region which saw a woman named Seema Haider dancing in Sachin Meena’s house. The video took its pace and is being viral on all the social media platforms including the news channels. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the case. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Seema Haider Dance Video

Seema Haider Dance Video

Recently, social media took over a video of a Pakistani woman viral dancing video named Seema Haider who emerged as an overnight sensation in the world of TV and the Internet and is currently the talk of the town. At the moment, another video of the Pakistani woman who left her country, Pakistan, and came to Greater Noida for the sake of love has created a buzz. In this video, the lady can be seen dancing according to Indian culture. The video shook many people and got mixed reactions of sorts from many groups of people. The video of the woman was recorded by her daughter-in-law in Sachin Meena’s house which is her in-law’s house in Rabupura village of Greater Noida.

The video has been published 17 hours ago, at the time of writing this, and it already had the best of the internet views, likes, and comments. Moreover, many users shared the video to a very large extent. In the video, Seema, who came from Pakistan only a few days ago was seen dancing in the video similar to Indian culture, and the song was played by a local dialect. The woman looked trembling just like any other Indian woman. As she dances, in the video people present in that room praised her and sacrificed money for the same. This means that this lady has impressed Sachin’s family and the elderly women of the locality as well. It can be seen in the video that there is a very pleasant and good atmosphere among the women in the room. Watch the video below to know what exactly happened.

Seema Haider, a resident of Karachi, Pakistan, and a mother of 4, befriended Sachin Meena who lived in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh district, through the PUBG game. From there, the affair started between the two and they met on March 10 in the neighboring country, Nepal. Seema claimed that during that time both of them also got married in the temple, but then returned to their respective countries. But Seema wanted to stay with Sachin, but somehow they made it to India and stayed happily after. But, this incident sparked their life story and other things as well.

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