Scandal 28 April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

The scandal has released its new episode. People are excited to know more about the last night’s episode that premiered on 28 April 2023. If you have missed the latest episode. You will get complete details about Scandal last night’s episode in this article. Keep reading for more information.


What Is Scandal All About?

Scandal is an American reality show. It has the main personality, Kerry Washington. The show is created by Shonda Rhimes. It has covered several episodes. It started on 5th April 2012. The series covered 7 seasons till 2018. It made more than 124 episodes. What is the show all about?  Well, the show is focused on Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm. The season started on a small scale with only seven episodes in the first season. In the next season, it was having 22 episodes. The show is based on a political power struggle. The show is quite popular among viewers in America. The next episode is also an awaited one. people are curiously waiting for the next episode.

What will happen next? The episodes are going on with full response. In case you miss any of the upcoming episodes. we will provide you with the link to watch the episode recap. As the show moved to the second season, it had 22 episodes. The third season was having 18 episodes in total. The fourth season again had 22 episodes. The fifth one was having 21 episodes. The next season premiered in January 2017. It was also having 16 episodes in total. The next one was having 18 episodes in total. Let us have a look at the recap of Scandal Episode 28 April 2023.

What Happened In Scandal Episode on 28 April 2023?

We saw that Jojo is making a surprising discovery while secretly tailing someone. The story takes the attention of everyone watching the episode. You can watch the episode from the above-mentioned link in case you have missed it. Let us conclude the above. Scandal is a well-known American political thriller show. It has released more than 150 episodes till now. People want to know what will happen in the next episodes.

While many have also missed the telecast of 28th April. For all those, we have shared the video above. You can watch it in case you missed it. This was all about Scandal 28th April episode. We will be back with another video of the next episode. We keep bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more details about your favorite celebrities.

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