Sania-Shoeb Issue: Parents must do this for their children before divorce

Tennis star Sania Mirza and her husband Shoaib Malik’s divorce speculations have intensified. This decision of the parents also has a bad effect on the children. Let us tell you what every couple should do for their children before separating.

Parents must do this for children before divorce

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of India Tennis star Sania Mirza and former captain of Pakistan cricket team Shoaib Malik Speculations about their separation have intensified over the past few days. Sania and Shoaib are one of those couples who thought their love was the world and decided to tie the knot in 2010. Sania-Shoaib’s marriage After that he moved to Dubai. But even after marriage, both continued to play for their respective countries. Now the news of their separation has shocked the fans. Sania and Shoaib also have a son and if they separate it will have a bad effect on the children too.

It is true that marriage is not a race, it is a life to be fulfilled, but divorce destroys not only the couple but also their children. Let us tell you what every couple should do for their children before separating.

Parents should do this before separation

Fulfillment of Responsibilities: Sania and Shoaib’s son is Izhan Mirza Malik. According to reports, the star couple may have decided to separate, but they will not compromise to take care of their son. According to the news, Sania and Shoaib will fulfill all the responsibilities of their children. Although a couple has to separate under any circumstances, they should responsibly fulfill every need of the child.

No Stress: The stress of separation from parents can cause emotional distress to children. Divorcing couples should do everything they can before separating so that their children are not subjected to stress. Parents should create an environment for him so that he stays away from their separation problems.

Don’t be alone: When the parents are separated, both of them have tension about who the child will live with. In this situation, the couple should ensure that their child is not alone. If possible, leave the child with the grandmother or grandmother for a few days.


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