San Juanico Bridge Accident: 3 injured in San Juanico bridge Car crash

The famous bridge in San Juanico witnessed a major accident on Friday, Feb 24, 2023. According to the reports, this was a single-vehicle accident. No other vehicle piled up on the bridge. Since this news broke out, people are eagerly searching for the details of this scary accident. As this accident took place on the famed San Juanico Bridge, people have been curious about it. Numerous questions are being asked by the netizens such as who are the victims and what were the circumstances surrounding the accident. What led to the crash on San Juanico Bridge? If you are seeking reliable and confirmed details regarding the aforementioned subject, this is the right place for you. In this article, we have discussed this story’s all imperative points. So be sticky with this page and take a peek at the further given section. Kindly drag down the page.

San Juanico Bridge Accident

San Juanico Bridge Accident

As per the report shared by the local police authority of Basey Town, Samar, a Toyota Hilux in which three people were traveling through San Juanico Bridge hit the railings of the bridge. As the impact of the accident was so high, the passengers in the car sustained multiple injuries. But how did the car crash into the railings of the bridge? Read the answer to this question in the further section.

San Juanico Bridge Accident

This incident was a matter of Friday morning at about 9:49 am. The cause of the accident was a malfunction in the steering. The driver of the car suddenly noticed that the steering of the Toyota car was not functioning. However, the driver tried to stop the car but it suddenly swerved and hit the railing of the San Juanico Bridge. As a result of the accident, the passenger in the car sustained multiple injuries. Scroll down the page and read the identities of the victims.

San Juanico Bridge Accident

Three people injured in the accident were identified as Elvis Omirada and Val Badajos who were sitting in the passenger seats of the car while the driver of the car was identified as Richard Malbas who is the councilor of Amandayehan, Basey, Samar. Richard Malbas is 49 years old. The passengers sustained injuries due to the incident and were taken to the Eastern Visayas Medical Center located in Tacloban City. As per the reports, this is not the first time when a vehicle crashed on the famous bridge that links Samar and Leyte Islands. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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