Basikal Lajak Accident Case Update: Malaysia court frees Sam Ke Ting who crashed into 8 teens in 2017

Sam Ke Ting has been in the news headlines for the past five years. And she was in the news headlines for one more time as a court acquitted her. If you listen to the daily headlines and read news on regular basis, you must aware of the accident that killed eight teenagers riding modified bicycles in 2017. Sam Ke Ting has been seen largely as the victim of the circumstances after crashing into the teens. Yes, Sam Ke Ting was charged with reckless driving that led to the death of eight teens. This is why Sam Ke Ting has been a topic of news stories for over the past five years. Recently, she was one more time in the headlines. As mentioned, the court acquitted her of the charges levied on her. Scroll down the page.

Sam Ke Ting Accident

Sam Ke Ting Basikal Lajak Accident Case Update

Since the Malaysian Court of Appeal has acquitted Sam Ke Ting of a reckless driving charge connected to the crash that left eight teenagers riding modified bicycles dead. Reportedly, eight teenagers were racing illegal bicycles at 3:20 am in Johor on a poorly lit road in 2017. Sadly, Sam Ke Ting allegedly crashed into the teenagers. Recently, the Malaysian Court of Appeal’s three-judge panel chaired by Justice Hadhariah Syed Ismail let Sam Ke Ting’s appeal to quash her guilty verdict by the High Court on grounds that the charges were defective and incorrect. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Sam Ke Ting Accident

On Tuesday, Justice Hadhariah said, “In this case, the charge was incorrect, it was defective. The conviction was also incorrect. On these grounds alone, the appeal is allowed,” The other two judges of the panel were Justice Azman Abdullah and Justice Hashim Hamzah. Meanwhile, the head of the panel, Justice Hadhariah said a guilty verdict could only follow the finding of fault of the driver that’s how the law stands. “You cannot simply say that because it is a fatal accident, the driver must have been liable. That is not what the law says” Scroll down the page and get more details.

Sam Ke Ting Accident

Meanwhile, Justice Hadhariah acquitted the woman who was previously found guilty by the High Court of reckless driving and killing eight teenagers. Justice said, “You are now a free person” and also ordered the authorities to return the bail money of RM10,000 to Ms. Sam. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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