What Happened to Audrina Patridge’s Niece, Sadie Loza? Car Accident Details

This is to inform you that Audrina Patridge is mourning the tragic death of her niece Sadie Loza along with Casey Loza and Kyle Loza. As per the reports, Sadie Loza passed away tragically at a premature age. She was just 15 years of age when passed away. Meanwhile, The Hills star is mourning the passing of her niece with her sister Casey Loza who is the wife of Kyle Loza, a motocross rider. Since this news surfaced on the internet and broke out on social media netizens are also sending their comfort to the parents of Sadie Loza and The Hills star. In this article, we have also mentioned what Audriana Patridge said after Sadie Loza’s death. So be sticky with this page and take a look at the following section.

Sadie Loza

What Happened to Sadie Loza?

The reality star posted a heartfelt note on Instagram. On Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023, Audrina wrote, “My heart hurts to even write this. My beautiful niece is now in heaven. I know It’s not goodbye forever, but it is the hardest to say goodbye for now. We will miss you and cherish every single moment we had with you. Rest in peace Say Say!! We love you forever & ever!” Drag down the page and read more details.

Sadie Loza

Talking about the departed soul, Sadie Raine was the daughter of Casey Loza who is the sister of reality star Audrina Patridge. Cazey’s daughter Sadie Raine was from her previous relationship with Aaron Hershman. Now she is married to a motocross rider named Kyle Loza with whom she shares two children both sons, Vallon and Sam Draven. Sadie Raine’s mother wrote on Instagram, “Sadie Raine Loza has left this earth for the heavens”. After coming across Audrina’s post on IG, Brody Jenner commented so so sorry for your loss Audrina, This is heartbreaking, Sending love to you and the family. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Sadie Loza

Sadie Loza Car Accident Details

Sadie Raine’s mom Casey Losa further said that her daughter liked to remind her that the first law of thermodynamics works in all spheres of life. The Law of Conservation of Energy states energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. “Transformation is a better word than death. Sadie Loza’s story will save countless lives. Her memory will never be forgotten” wrote Casey Loza. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


Sadie Loza Sadie Loza Sadie Loza Sadie Loza Sadie Loza

Sadie Loza Sadie Loza Sadie Loza

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