Ruth Perry Suicide Case: Head Teacher’s Family Blames Death On School Inspection Pressure

Ruth Perry was the headteacher of Caversham Primary School. She took her life two months ago on 8 January 2008. This was a sudden shock to her family and friends. This news went viral all over the internet and all the people on social media got so shocked and sad for her. Now people on the internet are very curious to know about it and they want to know what happened to her and why she committed suicide. What is the full case? So here we are gonna tell you everything about her and about this. So, Read the whole article.

Ruth Perry

Ruth Perry Suicide Case

Ruth Perry took her life on 8 January 2023. She committed suicide when she got informed that her school is going to receive the lowest possible rating from Ofsted. Ruth used to be a staff member at Caversham primary school in Reading for almost 13 years. Her family says that she got to know that the school is going to receive the worst rating which makes her school inadequate when was used to be an outstanding school. This took her to take this decision and she committed suicide and she left all of us. Her school has said that they all are very shocked and sad for her but we have continued her work to sure that the school is a safe and happy place for all the children.

Ruth Perry

Ruth Perry was married and had children. Ruth’s family has asked for privacy after she took her life. Ruth’s family has not shared any information about their personal life. Ruth age was 53 years old. Julia Waters sister of Ruth Perry expressed her feeling and said that her family is completely dissatisfied with the inspection. They are very dissatisfied with Ofsted and believe changes are necessary.  This was the first time her family spoke about her after her demise. She was saying all this in a very stressful situation and when the interviewer asked him to give opinions so she declined to comment further at the moment. But ruth’s sister is fighting for her justice.

Ruth Perry

The suicide has affected them so much to her loved ones. Her family has got affected so much after this incident. They are not even in that situation right that they even can’t express their feeling for her. It is gonna be a very tough time for them. People are sending condolence to her family and we will all miss her. This was all about Ruth Perry. If you want more interesting news. So, stay tuned with us

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