Rosanna Roces Scandal and Sex Affair Rumors Explained

We all know that rumours and controversy are an important part of celebrities’ life. In fact, many celebrities themselves spread fake news and rumours in public in order to get the attention of the people. The simple reason is to be in the limelight for any reason whether it is good or bad as it helps them be the talk of the town which is necessary for them to not get invisible in the entertainment industry. However, sometimes some rumours have changed their lives which leaves a serious impact on their character as well as their career.

Rosanna Roces

Rosanna Roces Scandal Explained

One such rumour about Rosanna Roces is in the news and is related to her s*x affair. The scandal of Rosanna Roces is getting a lot of limelight and a new controversy has been ejected in the middle of it which claimed that she had an affair with a notorious convicted drug kingpin. The Filipina Actress is actually pulling a lot of attention just because of her scandal and rumours. Rosanna who is also known as Jennifer Adriano-Molina was quite popular in the 1990s. In the early of her career, she started her show business and became popular for playing provocative and audacious roles in television programs and movies.

Rosanna Roces

She has even made her appearance in many hit films that includes, “Makati Avenue Adventure”, “Burlesk Queen Ngayon”, and “Sugatang Puso”. Apart from acting, she is also good at dancing and singing. She released her music album titled “Hot Babe” in the year 1995 and had numerous comes up in music videos. Other than that, she also began hosting television shows such as “Wowowee”, “MTB”, and “Masayang Tanghali Bayan”. Though her love life was also the centre of attraction for many people who are still searching for it.

The S*x Affair Hearsay Of Rosanna Roces

As per speculation, Rosanna Roces reportedly had an s*x affair. But she asserted that she had a romantic relationship with the drug kingpin who was convicted of selling illegal drugs and she even accepted to peddling s*s workers to inmates. These prisoners were captured at the New Bilibid Prison. Apart from it, the Filipina Actress denied the assertions of Nonile Arile that she was the mistress of Vicente Sy in a social media post created by her real name Jennifer Cruz Adriano. The reports state that Vicente Sy was one of 4 significant detainees hurt in a stabbing incident that happened at New Bilibid Prison.

Rosanna Roces

Her personal life was always a matter of discussion and her married life was too. She has been wed 2 times. In the year 1996, the actress was hatched with Tito Molina, a businessman. But in the year 2002, her wedding was declared void and null. After that, she again tied the wedding knot in the year 2003 with Carlos Morales. Both became the parent of a boy named Onyok. However, again in 2008, her marriage collapsed.

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