WATCH: Rosa Peral Video Viral, Who Is Rosa Peral?

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Rosa Peral video

Who Is Rosa Peral

Currently, the netizens are discussing the story of Rosa Peral’s viral video. If you want to know about Rosa Peral’s Video that went viral on the internet, then this below-mentioned piece of information is for you all. At the moment, people hailing from Spain are confused and want to know about the facts about this murder mystery case. According to our relevant sources, Rosa Peral was a police officer of the municipal police force in Barcelona, Spain and she was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend, Rodriguez, and conspiring with her former partner, Albert Lopez. According to YouTube trailers, the Netflix series is based on this true crime which was released on September 8, 2023, Furthermore, the video of the court trial of Rosa Peral has gone viral on Twitter.

Rosa Peral

Furthermore, this article is based on a true crime story and therefore, the information has been collected accordingly. As mentioned above, the video faced several trials on the platform of Twitter where people expressed their thoughts and beliefs. However, it is shocking that netizens on Twitter are speaking about the 2017 case when a documentary which was named Burning Body was released on Netflix. This particular topic has been discussed on Reddit and various other platforms which left people wondering and confused as Rosa is pleading for her innocence. Reportedly, in 2017, the burned body of a police officer named, Rodriguez was found in his car where authorities began to search for evidence and other whereabouts. As mentioned earlier, the video is based on a true crime story that has a love triangle, revenge, murder, etc.

Reportedly, some Reddit sources claim that following their breakup, Rosa was in a relationship with Albert, but their fallout turned out extremely bad. In 2017, suddenly a burnt body of Rodriguez was found and the anticipation turned towards Rosa, although not much evidence was found against her the court convicted her and Albert of 25 years behind bars. Furthermore, the murder of Rodriguez produced Rosa and Albert’s life when they were charged and accused. As per sources, Rosa has blamed Albert for killing the main motivator behind the crime. Thank you for being a patient reader. Tune in to our website for more.

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