Romance Is Dead Spoiler explained

If you are taking over the internet to learn the spoilers of Romance Is Dead, this is the right place for you. This article can serve you a lot about the novel manga “Romance Is Dead” In this article, we have talked about some interesting facts about the plot of the series. If you follow this article till the end, you would definitely get a lot more to know about the series. In the following sections of this column, we have discussed in-depth details and amazing spoilers from the series. Kindly stick with this page and must go through the below-given sections. Swipe down the page.

Romance Is Dead Spoiler

Is Romance Dead? Spoiler

The alternative name of the series “Romance Is Dead” is There Is No Romance. Talking about the author of the series, Hayeon Han is the author of the series, the artist is Lobsert, and Synopsis is Luce. Luce Grianzia is a Cinderella whose engagement gets broken just a day before her marriage. Here the question arises, how to the ugly reason why Romance Is Dead and Gone? This is because somewhere along the way our standards have been dropped. Shift to the following section and read more about it.

Talking about the spoilers from the first chapter of Romance Is Dead, it seems that the first chapter is incomplete on its own. A person who has witnessed the first chapter said, “I do not have expectations for this. I hope they don’t ruin the story by keeping this as a loophole. The story is already kind of disturbing since Fl had to pay debt and all and was proven guilty for ridiculously no reason. But why would Fl need to pay the debt? I mean she was just engaged. So what’s the debt for? I know cheating is disgusting, but why did she need to pay money for that? or is it some other debt? Shift to the following sections and read more details.

Kuro Kuroha stated it’s kind of disgusting how they ask her to pay some bullshit debt he calls her materialistic but is after some money from her I would not be surprised if they did all that so he could get rid of Fl by destroying her reputation. For now, that’s all about the spoilers from the Romance Is Dead. More updates and details will come out on this website. Stay tuned to this website.

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