Who Is Rohini Sindhuri? All About Rohini Sindhuri (IAS) Photos and Videos Goes Viral

Everyone wants to become famous and for that, they usually do many things. Most people take the help of social media so that they can get popular all over the world. Though it is not easy to get popular as your content purely depends on your popularity as well as the constituency. Though some people get popular without doing anything and became the talk of the town. The reason is that something controversial related to them becomes the subject of discussion and mostly their private videos and photos get viral and pulled a lot of attention.

Rohini Sindhuri

Who Is Rohini Sindhuri?

Sometimes it is counted as a publicity stunt but it is not necessary that everyone do this for the same. A recent example is the viral video of Rohini Sindhuri netizens are currently busy talking about it and want to know why she is in the news and what content of her is getting viral. If you are thinking Rohini is a common woman then you are completely wrong, she is a top-ranking officer who is serving in the police. Not only Rohini but the name of another police officer is highlighted and that is Roopa.

Both are the top-ranking women officers who are serving in Karnataka. IPS officer Roopa Moudgil and IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri have taken the web by storm. There are many people who want to know why their names are trending and why people are debating. Initially, people thought that both names are highlighting due to an operation unfortunately the reason is different. The controversy is created due to the objectionable photos reportedly shared by Sindhuri with top officials.

Now, after watching the heated argument on social media, we are getting keen to know about it and through this blog, we are sharing all the details which we know about it. Before talking about the matter, let’s know the 2 main objectives of their controversy. According to the reports, IAS Rohini Sindhuri shares objectionable photos with top officials and another side, IPS, Roopa Moudgil accused Sindhuri of attempting to gain attention and sympathy through photos. Now both things have pulled attention and become a topic of discussion on the web.

Rohini Sindhuri Viral Video

IPS Roopa has made a serious allegation about Rohini which is creating a lot of controversies and people are quite shocked after hearing it as this type of behavior is not expected from a high-rank officer. One of the objectionable and controversial photos in question viewed Rohini Sindhuri in a bold dress. She was seen wearing a bikini in the viral photos. After the photos went viral on social media, people started criticizing Rohini and reported her account. Social media users made several derogatory remarks about the photo and condemn officers for wearing such bold attire.

Now after watching a lot of backlash and criticism, Roopa accused Rohini of attempting to gain attention and sympathy through her viral photos. Though, Rohini has rejects all the accusations made by Roopa and stated that she will not take legal action against Moudgil for damaging her reputation. The controversy has generated a debate about the role of social media in the private and public lives of government officials. People are stating that officers and other government officials need to be careful while posting something online.

They are the representatives of the country and they need to be extra careful while posting something. In another photo, Deputy Commissioner Rohini can be watched posing with her spouse. Some of the photos contain explicit content and should not be shared on public platforms. There are many people who are enjoying this ugly faceoff and making comments on it. Both Moudgil and Sindhuri have been made to post updates and counter-arguments on social media. The debate has brought to light the getting better rift between IPS and IAS officers in Karnataka. Well, the police have lodged the case and they are currently investigating the matter.

Rohini Sindhuri Leaked Video Explained

People are actually showing their interest in it and sharing photos of her. Apart from it, due to the growing rift between these top administrative women, both were moved out of their departments in a shake-up declared this afternoon. Both were transferred sans posting today after they both complained against each other to the top bureaucrat of the state and that is Chief Secretary. According to the report, Munish Moudgil, the husband of D Roopa who is also an IPS officer was assigned Principal Secretary of the publicity department.

Due to their bad behavior, the government of Karnataka is shocked and this action is taking due in this regard. All this drama has been started on Sunday, 19th February 2023 when D Roopa posted private pictures of Rohini Sindhuri on social media. She asserted that Rohini had violated service conduct rules by sharing their pictures with the male IAS officers. She claimed that Sindhuri had shared pictures with 3 IAS officers in the year 2021 and 2022 as well.

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