Robin Padilla Viral Video, Eggplant Says He Saw a Little Chili?

Sometimes a small mistake can lead to a widespread controversy. The same happened with Senator Robin Padilla. Recently, Robin Padilla exposed his private part during live selling. Yes, you heard it right, actor Robin Padilla flashed his genitals in a live session. Actor-turned-politician Robin Padilla has been the topic of the town since he made a blunder. As a result, Robin Padilla and his wife Mariel Padilla have become the topic of the town. Everyone is curious and keen to hear from them about the incident. According to the reports, the scandalous clip of Philippines senator Robin Padilla also has gone viral on social media. Have you watched the video? If not, this article will tell you everything about it. Also, read what Robin Padilla’s wife Mariel Padilla said about the viral video. Take a look below.

Robin Padilla Viral Video

Robin Padilla Leaked Video Goes Viral

Although it was apparently an accident that happened without intention, netizens have been criticizing the senator for his mistake. Notably, Senator Robin Padilla was also not wearing underwear when his private parts were accidentally exposed during live selling. Let’s discuss what actually happened. Both, Mariel and Robin Padilla were going live on Saturday, September 23, 2023, to promote a food supplement that they endorse. But suddenly Mariel saw her husband’s private part during the live session.

In the viral clip, Senator Robin Padilla is blending the food supplement and shaking it in the drinking container while standing straight next to his wife Mariel Padilla who is sitting on a chair. The blunder occurred when the Senator suddenly bent down. As he was not wearing underwear inside his thobe, Mariel accidentally saw his private part. In the meantime, the couple deleted the video, it had been downloaded and watched by thousands of people. Recently, Robin Padilla’s wife responded to the ongoing viral video. Scroll down the page to know what she said.

Mariel Padilla Responded to Robin Padilla’s Viral Video

However, Mariel did not explain the mistake, she only gave a brief statement on Monday, September 25, 2023. Mariel said, “I find that there is no need to talk about it. So, there is no need to comment further.” However, Senator Robin Padilla has not reacted to the video. The controversial viral video of the Philippines senator can be seen on Reddit and Twitter where many people have posted it publicly. We do not encourage you to share or watch the video.

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