WATCH: Robin Comey Bodycam video shows flipping a car before DUI arrest

A video of Rep. Robin Comey has become viral where she is seen flipping her vehicle in downtown Hartford. It happened the previous month when she was drunk. You will get complete details about the video in this article. Keep reading for details.

Robin Comey Viral Crash Video

Robin Comey Viral Crash Video:

She was taken into custody. Currently, she has been charged with driving after drinking. However, she has apologized for her mistake. She is addicted to alcohol. She has mentioned that she will work on her addiction. The incident took place on 16 March 2023 around 7 pm. She has been arrested and the news was made public last week. The hearing will take place next month. The car crash took place on 16th March 2023. She was drunk at the time of the crash. It took place between Lawrence and Babcock Streets.

She failed her sobriety test. She was said to be at the place of the incident, i.e., the Connecticut State Capital building. The legal limit after drinking for driving is 0.08. She was over drunk. She was said to be reported 0.1446. Two tests of sobriety were conducted which she failed. She has been arrested. She passed a statement mentioning that she wants to apologize for what she did. She mentions that she will try her best to overcome her addiction. Comey has been removed from her roles and she is not a member of the community now.

Comey Not Working At Her Roles:

The housekeeper, Matt Ritter, removed her from her role. The incident can injure anyone severely. She was going out of a bar and sitting in her car. She drove first into a dumpster and later, she got crashed into an SUV. The incident took place near the parking. She had her Honda Civic with plate number 102. An individual who witness the incident helped her come out of the vehicle. She has to appear in the Hartford Superior Court on 5 May 2023. Let us conclude the above.


Comey has been removed from her authority. She has been said to be involved in drinking and driving. She crashed her car into a parked car. This was not expected from her as she was serving in a responsible position. This leads to the immediate removal of her from her position. She failed the sobriety test. She has been taken into custody and will appear for a hearing soon. She has realized her mistake and mentioned working on it.

We will update you as the case proceeds further.

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