Missing: Is Robin Barrows Spencer found dead or alive? Police launch murder probe

The police are currently investigating the missing case of a person. They are in linking the missing case with a murder case. Due to that people are showing interest in the case and want to know about the missing person and the status of the case. Most of the shocking cases trend on Twitter and this time as well this case is making rounds on the web and people are sharing different pieces of information about this case. The person who is still missing is Robin Barrows Spencer. The reason the people showing interest in this case is that the person mysteriously missing since 2004.

Robin Barrows Spencer

Is Robin Barrows Spencer found dead or alive?

Many people are thinking him to be dead but his family still hopes to find him and bring him back home soon. Ever since he went missing his family is in shock and restless and they are doing all possible things to trace him. Even the police work hard for this case and now they talking about this case from a different angle. According to the reports, the 47 years old, Robin Barrows Spencer went missing in the month of June 2004. His missing report was lodged by his mother. Sadly, this case took an unfortunate turn when the murder probe was initiated in the year 2006, pointing out that foul play may have been engaged.

Robin Barrows Spencer

The police have not been able to find his body in spite of extensive efforts and that is why we are not sure at this moment that is he alive or not. Many details were made concerning his missing, offering a glimmer of hope for justice. Though to this day, no one has faced protection for the claimed crime leaving the case still unresolved. His family is quite upset as they yet not get any clue about him but they are hoping to get it one day for sure. However, the unresolved nature of the missing Robin Barrows Spencer continues to distress his loved ones.

Robin Barrows Spencer

He went missing in June 2004 and after two years of extensive search, the police took a drastic turn in the case and began the investigation of a murder in 2006. However, they did not find any dead body of him so we are not sure whether he is actually dead or not. The police did all possible things and detained several people in this case but they were still not able to get any information on it. In spite of arrests made in link with the case, no one has been brought to justice and this case still has a lot of things to unrevealed.

Robin Barrows Spencer

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