Robbery In Durban Today: Shop owner killed and 8 injured during CIT robbery

In recent news, it was reported that a shop owner was killed and eight were injured during the CIT robbery in Durban. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates. Uncover the unknown details regarding the same. On Tuesday, it was reported that a shop owner was killed during a violent robbery of a cash transit vehicle. It was reported that a taxi driver and seven street vendors were injured following the CIT vehicle veering off the road and ramming into them while attempting to flee gunmen. Moreover, the law enforcement officers have since temporarily closed off Russell Street where the incident occurred.

Robbery In Durban Today

Robbery In Durban Today

Reportedly, one person was shot dead and seven street vendors were seriously injured after a cash-in-transit heist in the Durban CBD. On Tuesday, the incident took place at the bottom of Victoria Street. Following the crash, after 9.40 a.m., Garrith Jamieson, MD at ALS Paramedics said that they received numerous calls of a shooting incident and car crash. He added and said that on arrival they found a total amount of facade following an alleged armed robbery involving a cash-in-transit vehicle.

It was believed that unfortunately one person who attained his 20s sustained a gunshot wound to his head and there was no means, be it paramedics could save him. Knowingly, he was declared deceased at the scene, and on escaping, the cash-in-transit vehicle collided with a taxi that was carrying passengers. Furthermore, he said that the CIT vehicle then veered off the road and plowed into vendors, out of which seven of whom survived injuries that ranged from medium to severe. Moreover, they were being stabilized before being migrated to hospitals.

However, it is unknown whether the deceased soul was involved in the crime or a standby. Reportedly, the witnesses said that the suspects abandoned their vehicle and used a taxi to run away from the scene. Evidently, it is still not known how much was taken from the CIT vehicle. It was revealed that more than 12 SAPS and metro police were at the scene and the road was closed. The vendor however said that shortly after the gunshots were heard, he decided to run away and others hid behind their tables and the scene was filled with facade. He added that even now, he is still shaken and everything happened too quickly and people were all clueless about everything.

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