Richard Okorogheye Missing: Did He Kill Himself? Suicide or Murder

The missing report of Richard Okorogheye is currently making rounds on the web. He was missing since the year 2021 and in the same year, his death news came fore which shattered his family completely. The 19-year-old deceased put his entire family in grief particularly his parents because he was the only child of them and his family had made many plans for him which were completely shattered. Though this news is not so new because the incident happened 2 years back but still fresh in the mind of the people and they want to know if he killed himself or if it is a conspiracy of the murder.

Richard Okorogheye Missing

Richard Okorogheye Missing

Everyone wants to know about his death and what exactly happened to him. However, his mother put allegations against the police that due to their negligence, they lost their son and she wants justice for him. Now the case of Richard Okorogheye, missing and later discovered dead in Epping Forest, has sparked worldwide attention and criticism of the treatment of the United Kingdom police of minorities and Black people. The reports stated that he went missing on 22nd March 2021, after he left his residence in Ladbroke Grove in West London on the evening of 22nd March 2021.

Suicide or Murder

Richard Okorogheye Missing

Later on, on 5th April 2021, the police found the remains of the deceased in Epping Forest, and the circumstances of his demise have raised several questions on social media. The case of this 19-year-old Richard Okorogheye has brought renewed attention to the issue of Police treatment of Black people as well as other minorities in the United Kingdom. The cops have been alleged of systemic bias and racism, and they have been many calls for sweeping reforms to inscription these problems. The victim who last disappeared was last watched on CCTV footage leaving his house in Ladbroke Grove located in West London. He left his house in the evening and he has something in his hand.

Richard Okorogheye Missing

In the video, he can be seen wearing black outfits, including a black puffa jacket and he was holding a black backpack. In the viral video, he was seen boarding a bus in Ladbroke Grove, which took him to Loughton located in Essex after that he was seen walking towards Epping Forest where his dead body was found. After his missing case was reported, a nationwide search was introduced for Richard engaging the cops, volunteers, and the public. The search lasted 2 weeks prior to the body of Richard being discovered in Epping Forest on 5th April 2021. The circumstances of the demise of Richard Okorogheye have raised several questions about whether his demise was a suicide or killing.

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