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A few days ago, a malfunction was detected in the stream of It’s Showtime. The incident is reportedly linked to Regine Tolentino’s Wardrobe malfunction. Viewers of It’s Showtime were left extremely curious and in a frenzy when It’s Showtime deleted the first part of their stream including Regine Tolentino’s wardrobe malfunction. This is why netizens are curious to take over the internet and curiously search for the original video and photos of the show. As the original video was deleted and all photos have been blocked by the officials of the show, fans are finding it quite difficult to know what actually happened that day. If you are also scrambling to the internet to know about the same, we are here to make you informed about it. We have thoroughly covered this incident for you. Continue reading this article and learn what happened to Regine Tolentino.

Regine Tolentino Showtime Video

Regine Tolentino Showtime video

The wardrobe incident of Regine Tolentino reportedly happened on July 14, 2023, during Friday’s live event of It’s Showtime. Regine Tolentino and Sheree were there to grace the show’s stage with their dance performances. For Friday’s live show of Its Showtime, Sheree chose an all-black outfit with a bralette-belted high-waist skirt and knee-length boots. While Regine Tolentino decided to look sizzle in a colorful outfit. She dressed in a green fitted bra-like upper top matched with short shorts and knee-length boots. Shift to the next section and find out what happened next.

The beginning of Friday’s live airing was seeming perfect as the crowd was hyped for the dance performances of Regine Tolentino and Sheree. But an unexpected turn of events took place during the live show in front of the audience. During the mid-performance, Regine Tolentino suffered a wardrobe malfunction when unfortunately nip slipped but despite the bizarre and embarrassing incident Regine Tolentino maintained her professionalism and completed her dance performance. Swipe down the page and read know more details.

Later, It’s Showtime deleted the original video and blocked all the photos showing Regine Tolentino’s wardrobe malfunction. It’s Showtime airs on GTV from Monday to Saturday. It can also be watched online through its official social media pages. Despite It’s Showtime deleting the original video, the audience noticed the nip slip incident, the incident continues to make waves on Twitter where people are claiming they had recorded the portion of Regine Tolentino’s wardrobe malfunction before the officials deleted it. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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