Rahul Gandhi’s turban in discussion wearing t-shirt, wounds of 84 riots are green again in Punjab

After completing a journey of around 3000 km, when the yatra entered Punjab, Rahul Gandhi’s decorated turban came into the limelight.

Discussion on Rahul Gandhi’s turban

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India Jora Yatra through Rahul Gandhi They are busy rebuilding the Congress party across the country. He is also in discussion about his speech and clothes during this journey. After completing a journey of around 3000 km, when the yatra entered Punjab, the turban adorned by Rahul Gandhi came into the limelight. When he bowed with a turban at Sri Darbar Saheb in Amritsar.

Since then her turban is also a topic of discussion. Earlier his journey in a T-shirt despite the bitter cold was the talk of the town. Different types of questions were also asked to different leaders and Rahul Gandhi answered those questions in his speech.

The issue of the victims of the 1984 riots has been raised again

When Rahul Gandhi bowed to the Darbar Sahib wearing a turban, his picture went viral on social media. After that people questioned that surely people of any religion or caste could bow down to Darbar Sahib without any fear. But bowing in turban will Rahul Gandhi say that he is ashamed of his family’s actions for the attack on Sri Darbar Sahib by Gandhi family and the massacre of Sikhs in 1984, then he must go there and if not, then wearing Rahul Gandhi’s turban and bowing in front of people Punjabis need not sympathize.

In fact, in June 1984, when the Congress government was at the center and on the orders of the then prime minister of the country, Indira Gandhi, the Indian Army was ordered to attack Sri Darbar Sahib with tanks, in which many Sikh leaders. Martyr Sadhu Jarnail Singh Bhindranwal was also martyred in this attack. At the same time, the Sikh Sangat and Punjabi Congress governments and the Gandhi family have been blamed for the 1984 massacre of Sikhs.

The 1984 victims were detained by the administration

When the Bharat Joro Yatra reached Ludhiana, the 1984 victims were taken into custody by the Punjab Police as, according to intelligence reports, the 1984 victims were ready to protest against Rahul Gandhi and it was decided that the victims were due to security concerns. 1984 Victims were taken into custody.


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