Who Is Rachel King Husband? 2 arrested for murder of elementary school teacher

Sometimes an incident can change a person’s life and put him/her in a deep shock. A traumatic incident can impact a person’s mind for a long time and it is not easy to forget that sometimes the person is suggested to take the medical help. This time as well, in this blog, we are sharing the details of one such horrific incident which left a son in deep sorrow after he watched the murder of his mother. This scene can never leave the person in peace and will always remind him that how he lost his mother. Yes, you are right, we are talking about Rachel King. She was a teacher and served at Grover Cleveland Elementary School in Philadelphia.

Rachel King

Who Is Rachel King’s Husband?

As per her bio, she started working at Mastery Schools in the year 2014. In further addition to this, Rachel was loved by several people due to her kind nature and she was quite famous in her school. Her students loved her a lot. She was the History teacher and she was the teacher at Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter School located in Tioga. She became the headlines of the newspapers after her death news surfaced on the web. The reports state that she was shot to death on 11th April 2023 in Cheltenham. After hearing her sad death news people are looking to know the details of her personal life and to whom she was wedded.

Rachel King

However, the details of her husband are not known at present. It looks like she and her spouse part their ways a quite long time back. She was the mother of a son named Jalen. In further addition to this, she raised her son alone. In her Facebook, she mentioned that she gave birth to her child on 7th October 2011. After parting ways with her husband, she was in a relationship with her long-term beau identified as William Hayes. Her beau was cheating on her and she get to know that he was dating Jean too. After learning this truth she decided to end the relationship but William promised her to not repeat his mistake and he immediately cut ties with Jean.


Rachel King

But Jean was not ready for this and get outraged and decide to take the revenge. She killed her in front of her son. Now, Julie Jean is facing the charges of 1st-degree murder. Rachel was shot dead in a Dunkin’ drive-thru lane on Tuesday, 11th April 2023. At that time she was with her son and after some time she was shot multiple times and passed away on the spot. Julie Jean was not only responsible for her death in fact another suspect has also been found guilty who is identified as Zakkee Steven Alhakim.

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