Pwani University Bus Accident: Dashcam Captures High Speed Minutes Before Crash

A heart-wrenching incident happened on Thursday, 30th March 2023 which instantly pulls the attention of the newspapers. Readers and social media users instantly got worried after reading this news and start looking to have more information that includes where this incident happened and how many people were affected by it. According to the reports, the Pwani University community is in grieving after the tragic road accident. The reports further added that a bus that was carrying pupils was struck by the truck. The students were on a field trip and a total of 16 students of Pwani University lost their lives in this lethal collision.

Pwani University Bus Accident

Pwani University Bus Accident News Today

Apart from 16 fatalities, 4 other people also lost their lives. As soon as the accident was reported, the university suspended all learning activities indefinitely as it dealt with the aftermath of the tragedy. Now, this incident has brought the attention of the world towards strict measures to make sure the safety of passengers on roads. Speaking about this incident has pulled the attention of all over the world and people are shocked after learning this news. As we mentioned above, a total of 20 people lost their lives and out of them, 16 were students. The report states that this incident happened in Naivasha.

Pwani University Bus Accident

The pupils were on their way back from the field trip when the bus collided with the speed at high speed. Not only the families of the victim, but the entire Pwani Univerity is also in shock and mourning state. The reports state that prior to the Pwani University bus grounded to a halt in the Kayole area accident in Naivasha, the driver of the bus made frantic tries to dodge the fate. Bystanders and survivors of the grisly accident that took the lives of 7 pupils and 3 staff who were aboard the bus stated that the driver attempted their best in order to take control of the vehicle but the brakes of the bus were already failed.

Pwani University Bus Accident

Not only this, but the driver of the bus also asked the students to put on their safety belts after looking and realizing things were getting out of his hand. The reports state that the bus lost control and was linked to the failed brakes. Over 60 individuals were severely wounded and taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital prior to some being later transferred to Nakuru for specialized treatment. In a released memo by Mohamed Rajab, the Vice Chancellor mentioned that learning will resume on Monday, 3rd April 2023. The entire world is mourning on demise and paying tribute to the deceased.

Pwani University Bus Accident

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