Fact Check: Is Prapti Elizabeth Arrested? Instagram influencer stealing wine from church photos goes viral

It is easy to get popular on social media but tough to maintain your popularity here. That is why many social media influencers do several things to get fame. Some choose the right way and some choose the wrong way but manage to be in the news. Now, these social media stars are getting huge popularity and people are showing their interest to know more about their personal lives that is why they must maintain the dignity of their popularity and be careful while choosing their words. But it looks like they are getting failed in it and end up getting involved in serious issues.

Prapti Elizabeth
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Is Prapti Elizabeth Arrested?

Over the past few months, we are constantly hearing arrest news o social media stars, and looks like one more name has been added to this list. One of the popular Instagram influencers is in the news after her arrest hearsay is making rounds. Not only 1 but she is in the news for 2 negative reasons. Apart from it, recently her video was posted on Twitter and got viral on other platforms as well. Yes, you are thinking right, we are talking about Prapti Elizabeth. According to the reports, On Monday 27th March 2023, the video of her went viral in which she was seen insulting the Jain community.

After that on Thursday, 30th March 2023, a photo of her went viral on social media that claimed that she is detained. No, she is not arrested for her derogatory remark on the Jain community instead of that she is detained for smuggling wine from the church and selling it to the liquor and wine shop. As soon as this image surfaced in the news, several users on Twitter shared it from their accounts and made it viral. The caption of the viral image states that “Influencer named Prapti Elizabeth detained, as she was caught red-handed smuggling wine from the church and then selling it to the local nearby liquor store.”

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This image has been shared by a Twitter user who goes by the name “The Katva” which is looking a parody account of “The Tatva”. Her fans are shocked after learning this news but the members of the Jain community are happy with her arrest and hope this news is true. Recently, the Instagram influencer made fun of vegetarian people in general and the Jain community, particularly via her videos which she posted on social media. People are expressing their shock and making fun of her. On Twitter user asked, “Is Wine available in Church? The lady who was making fun of vegetarians, particularly Jains, is detained.”

Though Prapti Elizabeth has not been detained, there is no report to suggest that she stole wine from the church in order to sell it. It is fake news and the picture was created by a parody Twitter user.

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