Police Woman Who Slept With Her Son Video Twitter Police Sleeping With Her Son Explained: Here’s Why

Police Woman Who Slept With Her Son Video: A quite disturbing and disrespectful video recently surfaced on the web which shocked the netizens. Usually, many videos are posted online on daily basis but some of them are fast enough to pull the attention of everyone and this is one such video. The content of the video is explicit and has many bold scenes and that is why netizens are calling this video an “s*x Tape”. The worst thing about this video is that the woman captured in the video is a policewoman and many people are stating that in the video she was sleeping with her son. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Police Woman Who Slept With Her Son Video

Police Woman Who Slept With Her Son Video Twitter

The title of the video is enough to create controversy and that is why thousands of people want to know about it. After watching the chaos over the video we came here to find more details about the video. With the help of our sources, we are present here along with the facts of this s*x tape. The reports are stating that the video was first posted on Twitter and Telegram and later on few netizens posted or reshared it and made it viral on other platforms as well. Such types of videos are always a matter of discussion amongst netizens and this time as well people are only talking about it.

Police Sleeping With Her Son Video

This is not a usual topic as the woman has committed a serious crime and for that, she already got detained. The reports are stating that the police arrested this female police constable on Friday, 27th January 2023. Her crime come fore when a video of her went viral in which she can be seen r@ping her 10-year-old son. This video has enraged and people want strict action against the woman. The reports further added that as soon as the video went viral and came under the eyes of the Limpopo police department, police commissioner Lt-Gen Thembi Hadebe ordered the family violence, child protection, and s*xual offenses (FCS) unit to probe with the view to detaining the culprit and shift the child to a safe place.

Video Of Policewoman Who Slept With Her Son

Brig Motlafela Mojapelo the mouthpiece of police stated, “The case of r@pe of a teen child with additional charges of distributing and creating child pornographic material and se*ual grooming of a kind was opened on Friday and the culprit was already detained on the same day.” The commissioner has condemned this heinous crime and assured that they are investigating the matter seriously. The reports further added that the 40-year-old suspect will come up in Marble Hall magistrate’s court on Monday, 30th January 2023. The victim is currently getting psychological treatment. Police have not shared the details of the victim and culprit.

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