Petawawa Kia Manager Fight Video Goes Viral On Social Media

A video is making a noise on the internet and taking every social media platform by storm. Meanwhile, netizens are getting curious to watch it. Here we are talking about the Petawawa KIA manager fights video. Have you watched it? If not, this is the right place where you will get to watch and know the story behind the camera of this video. So be sticky with this column and keep reading. According to the reports, Petawawa KIA manager fight video also sparked a discussion about the prevalence of toxic masculinity in the dealership industry. But why? It has been described in the following sections of this article so be sticky with this page and keep reading it. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Petawawa Kia Manager Fight Video

Petawawa Kia Manager Fight Video

The Petawawa KIA manager fight video shows a company manager and a customer fighting each other. As the KIA manager is involved in a physical altercation with a customer of the company, it has sparked questions about the prevalence of toxic masculinity in the dealership industry. There are various questions that are prevailing in people’s minds after watching this video about its bone of contention. What led the KIA manager and a customer to get involved in a physical altercation? Learn this in the following section.

As per the reports, the KIA manager used offensive and inappropriate language for the customer’s wife who was standing beside her husband. This was the bone of contention that led the customer to assault the KIA manager. Before moving ahead we tell you that this is not a recent incident but it dates back to 2021. This incident took place in 2021 but it is getting viral in 2023. Scroll down the page and read what the company stated following the incident.

The company suspended the manager who was involved in a fight with a customer. The company stated, “Dear Petawawa Family & Friends, on behalf of Petawawa Kia, we extend our sincerest apologies for the serious inexcusable misbehavior of our former Floor Manager. We strive on providing excellent customer service and expect nothing but the highest form of ethical conduct and customer service from all our employees. We can assure you that the former employee, has been terminated and is no longer working for Petawawa Kia” As of yet, the video has gained thousands of views and shares on Twitter and Reddit.

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