People of Nepal and the United Arab Emirates will eat UP potatoes! The Agriculture Minister is happy with the hope of a bumper crop this year

This year the target of potato sowing in UP is 627246 hectares. It is estimated that 176699376 metric tons of potatoes will be produced if potatoes are sown in this hectare of land. Rajendra Kumar reports

This year Uttar Pradesh is going to record potato production. (hint image)

Uttar Pradesh Along with other states of the country, food plates remain incomplete without potatoes. Whether mixed with vegetables or meat, chips or finger fries, and without potatoes for the poor, they will starve. All in all, everyone’s potato. Dear.. This year also Uttar Pradesh is going to record record production of this important potato. As a result, the people of Nepal and United Arab Emirates will also be able to taste the potatoes of UP. UP Agriculture Minister Surya Kumar Shahi is very happy with the prospect of a bumper crop of potatoes. Potatoes will get a fair price. years too

Uttar Pradesh Horticulture Department Director RK Tomar expects to produce 170 lakh metric tonnes of potatoes. If the weather cooperates, his expectations will also be fulfilled. And if this happens, more than six lakh potato producing farmers of UP will also get financial benefits. Due to the record production of potato, it can be sent to other states of the country as well as many other states including Nepal and farmers will get decent price for the potatoes they grow. With this hope, currently, RK is monitoring the potato crop statistics sown by farmers in your state.

80 percent of the target of sowing in land has been met

According to Tomar, the target of potato sowing in UP this year is 627246 hectares. Potato sowing in this hectare is estimated to produce 176699376 metric tonnes of potato. Farmers of the state have so far met 80 percent of the target area under the potato sowing target. The remaining is soon. The rest of the target will also be fulfilled, such is the hope of the garden director. Agra, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Aligarh, Bareilly, Badayun of UP. Farmers in Kheri mandal have almost completed their sowing target.

This goal has also been achieved when it rains during sowing and when the price of potatoes falls in the market, the farmers stop sowing potatoes. Then when the weather improved and the market prices increased, the unmoved farmers also started sowing potatoes in their fields. UP would have created a new record in potato production had it not been for the interruption in sowing time. Even if that doesn’t happen, UP is going to have a bumper crop of potatoes, which will bomb farmers, ie fill their pockets. Every farmer will be able to get a fair price for his produce and there will be no shortage of potatoes in the state. This will happen because potato production is going to be one and a half times higher than potato consumption in the state.

96.29 crore worth of potatoes went to Nepal last year

According to RK Tomar, the domestic consumption of potato in the state is around 90-95 lakh tonnes. After that, harvesting of 2 million tons of potatoes for seeds is stopped. Thus UP is worked with 110-115 MT of potatoes. The remaining 40 lakh tonnes of potatoes are sent to places like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Mumbai and Guwahati. Last year, 89,988 quintals of potatoes worth Rs 96.29 crore were shipped to Nepal. Similarly potatoes have been sent from UP to UAE. People there liked potatoes from UP, now potatoes will be sent again. Also sold to big companies for potato chips etc.

Now a new potato processing project is being set up at Bijnore in UP with the help of a Belgian firm. It will make frozen french fries, potato chips and other specialty potato products. How many potatoes will be sent abroad from UP? In this question, State Agriculture Minister Surya Kumar Shahi says that the work of picking potatoes from the field will start in February, only after that it will be known how many potatoes will be sent to Nepal from other states of the country. Another country.


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