People blew 84 lakh rupees on girls’ ‘chakkar’, now there is a line outside the house!

That’s why nature has made us all equal! But man feels that there is some deficiency in him and that deficiency takes form in our mind as superstition and to remove it

84 lakh rupees were spent to collect prices from girls

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It will not be wrong if today’s era is called the era of ‘customization’..! Call it human happiness or else money Whether it is a car or a bike everyone needs things according to their needs…now this hunger has increased so much among people that even Customize started doing One such story of customization has surfaced in the world these days, where a man spends millions like water to increase his height so that he can get respect from girls!

To say that nature has made us all equal! The only difference is that some are tall, some are short, some are fair, some are dark, some are fat, some are thin… But one should never judge one’s personality by that, rather one feels that there is something lacking in him. And that lack turns into superstition in our minds. Something similar was seen in America where a 38-year-old American man, Rich Rotella, spent Rs 84 lakh to get rid of his superstition. So that he can get more girls dating options.

Taller heights are necessary for both personal and professional purposes

Individuals believe that the advantage of height is great in career and personal life. According to a report in the English website Mirror, the man underwent surgery to increase his height and in the process, rods were inserted into his legs to increase the length. After that, he also had to undergo three months of painful physiotherapy and even after all this the man got positive results and it benefited him a lot.

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Actor Rich lives in Los Angeles by profession. He says that all these expenses are like an investment, since then he has started getting more attention from girls. He also says that he does not get good roles because of his short height. He hopes that he will be helped in the surgical profession in such a situation used to get!


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