How did Pavel Krotov die? Tribute Pour As World champion skier dies of brain haemorrhage

Skier Pavel Krotov is said to have passed away after a brain hemorrhage. This has made everyone shocked. People want to know more about the incident. You will get complete details about Skier Pavel Krotov in this article. Keep reading for more information.  

Pavel Krotov

Pavel Krotov Death Cause

The famous skier, Pavel Krotov passed away due to some illness. He was a Russian skier with specialize in aerials. He went to the 2014 Winter Olympics for competition. He was 9th in the Olympics’ first qualifying round. The second and third rounds also showed his average performance but he reached the finals. Pavel is a freestyle skier. The reason behind his death is said to be a brain hemorrhage. The news was announced by the Russian freestyle coach, Alexander Pongilsky. He passed away on 25th March 2023. He was 30 years old at the time of his death. His funeral will be on 28th March 2023.  

Pavel Krotov

He has been a two-time World Cup Winner. He competed in the Olympics in 2014 and 2018. He was tenth in the game. He lost the battle to Russian Ilya Burov. He was having a leg injury, so he was not able to play in the last season. The reason behind his death has been confirmed and said to be Brain Hemorrhage. Let us have a look at his early life. 

Early life Of Skier Pavel Krotov: 

Skier Pavel Krotov appeared in the 2014 and 2018 Olympics. He won the world cup in 2014. The federation has mentioned him as a sincere and humble guy. Many people got inspired by him. He has Six podium finishes in 46 world cup appearances. He has always been a dedicated individual in his work and passion. Sports was something that motivated him. He considered choosing ski as his best choice ever. He will always be remembered in our hearts. The family has not discussed much him as they choose to keep their privacy. They are mourning the loss of their loved one. 

Pavel Krotov

They have asked for some privacy in these difficult times. Many new and upcoming skiers get inspired by him. He made his people proud by having two world cups. We don’t have many details about his personal life. Whether he is married or not. He has not mentioned much about his love life or family. Brain Hemorrhage often makes it difficult for individuals to survive as the bleeding starts between the brain tissue and skull or sometimes just within the brain tissue. 

We wish his family a lot of strength and condolences to overcome the situation. 

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