Is Patricia Sitya Dead Or Alive? Patricia Nabakooza Death Hoax On Internet

Patricia Sitya is said to be passed away. Rumors are being spread about her death. Is it true or a hoax? You will get complete details about Patricia Sitya’s death rumors in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Patricia Sitya

Who Is Patricia Sitya?

Patriciys Sitya is a dancer. She is young and just 18 years old. In the lustful city, where anyone can be a target of assailants, she had been advised by her female friends to stay away from such men. Patricia Sitya can be seen in Form 5. She often hangs out with her teenage friends, like Baby Loria and Vivian Tendo. She is said to be having throat issues. She is currently admitted to Nakasero Hospital. According to sources, she is in bad condition at the moment. People want to know whether she is alive or dead.

Patricia Sitya

Is Patricia Sitya Dead or Alive?

Patricia Sitya is going through an illness and is hospitalized. She is rumored to be dead. She is alive and her death rumors are fake. She is going through a tough time. She has been a famous dancer. Her fellow dancers have prayed for her wellness. She is being taken care of at the Nakasero Hospital. She is showing positive signs and may recover soon. However, there was not much information public about her illness. Her close ones and The Ghetto Kids Organization have gathered together to pray for Pracia’s health. let us have more details about her.

Patricia Sitya

Patricia Sitya Health Update:

She has been in ICU currently. Her death rumors are being circulated all over social media. The good news is that she is still alive and recovering from her issues. Many sources say that she has passed away while others are claiming that she is alive. There has been no confirmation of her death yet. she is also been mistaken for Alex a 13-year-old who passed away in the accident. He is also Sitya’s Loss child. Her condition was going bad and she was taken to the hospital immediately. Her close ones are constantly praying for her. She has been given medication immediately. She is being treated and getting well. let us conclude the above.


Patricia Sitya is said to be ill. She has been said to be dead. She is suffering from a throat illness. She has been recovering from her illness. Her death is not confirmed yet. We can call it a death hoax until there is any confirmation. We wish her to get well soon.

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