WATCH: Patna Viral Video Railway Station Original Clip Without Blur Circulated On Internet

These days everything is getting online from purchasing big things to small. People are totally dependent on the Internet as it is the solution to every problem. But as well all know everything good things have bad things as well and it’s up to the person how they used it. There are many morons and freak people who are using the Internet for the wrong reason despite knowing the result of it. The one thing that is obvious is that it is not good to give access to the internet to some idiotic people as such people only use technology for the wrong reasons and now it is high time for cyber security to stricken the rules and punishments.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video

Patna Railway Station Viral Video

You, all must be thinking that why we are saying this thing and what happened which brought the attention of the world towards India. No, no this time not for a good reason but shockingly reason. Just imagine you are standing at a railway station waiting to get a train and suddenly your eyes go to the TV screen which is showing NSFW content how do you feel? Shocking right, as many children, old age people, women, and many other people are present at a railway station and such scenes can disturb them. As per the reports, hundreds of passengers, including children and women were in utter shock to watch the railway’s announcement Television screen beamed por*ographic content on the overcrowded platform number 10 on Sunday morning, 19th March 2023.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video

This incident happened in Patna Junction but it has pulled worldwide attention. People are quite surprised after hearing this news and want to know how it has happened. Apart from it, 2 separate police complaints have been filed against Messrs M Dutta Studio Company Pvt Limited under IT Act and RPF Act and the process has been beginning to blacklist the firm. This kind of negligence or we can say the offense of the company is not ignorable and the public is demanding serious action against the firm as well as the suspects who are responsible for this.
The reports state that obscene blue film was on the screen for around 3 minutes from 09:56 AM to 10:00 AM. If many passengers did not complain to the officials regarding it then it would not come to the notice.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video Without Blur

This is quite a serious matter and even the public doesn’t want to let the situation get neglected. It has generated outrage among the people and they are demanding strict action against it. Prakash Kumar Panda, Danapur RPF senior commandant stated the Patna RPF instantly swung into action and book an FIR against the company under the RPC Act. This agency is based in Kolkata and it was given the contract to make regular announcements on the Television screen about the arrival and departure of trains at Patna Junction.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video

He stated that “Railways has already called off the contract of the agency and summoned its officials to Patna RPF post for further probe into this serious matter.” The reports state that the operator is on the run after the unacceptable incident and police are searching for him if he fails to turn up prior to the Railway Police Force team, the forces of railway security would look for an arrest warrant against him and other people of the agency engaged in such an impish act.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video Original Clip

As per Sushil Kumar, the RPF Inspector of Patna, the incident happened when Danapur Prabhat Kumar was visiting for inspection purposes at Patna Junction. But suddenly 1 RPF man informed him about the screening of the por* clip on the TV screens of the Railway station. The DRM instantly ordered a probe and asked the commercial officers concerned to call off the contract of the agency with the railways. Patna RPF made a post regarding it along with the video clip as proof of the incident.

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As we said, the probe has been started already and police are looking for the operator who is believed to be responsible for this act. Other than that, the clip which was purportedly recorded by a passenger, and the fuzzy version went viral on the web. There are many people who are looking to have the link to the viral incident but due to the offensive content, it is not available to watch online if anyone is found watching such a video they can be under criminal activity so it is better to not promote such things which can put you in trouble.

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Apart from it, there are many people who want to know about the identification of the operator who needs to wait as the police have not shared any such information related to it. Our sources are trying to make contact with the agency that is responsible for this mischievous act but they are not ready to talk about it. We are trying to fetch more information related to this matter and as soon as we get anything we will inform here. Till then be connected with us and we will shortly come back.

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