Pathan: The climax of Pathan will blow everyone’s mind, Deepika will be the real villain, not John!

Pathan Climax: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is constantly in the news about his upcoming film Pathan. The trailer of Pathan has been released. Which is also getting good response from fans.

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Send Climax: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is regularly making headlines for his upcoming film Pathan. This actor is going to make a big comeback with this film. Apart from Shahrukh, Deepika Padukone and James Abraham will be seen in lead roles in this film. The trailer of the film has been released. After watching the trailer, the excitement level of the fans has increased a lot. Everyone is waiting for the release of Pathan in theatres.

Amazing action will be seen in the film. From Shah Rukh to Deepika and John, everyone will be seen in multiple action avatars. The dialogues of the film are also on the tongue of the fans. As seen in Pathan’s trailer, Deepika comes forward and asks Shahrukh to help her. He is then seen supporting her. But now it is believed that the climax of the film will be beyond the imagination of people.

According to the information received, who will be considered as Pathan’s partner in the film Puri? In fact, he will turn out to be his worst enemy. As shown in the trailer, John is trying his best to destroy the country for money. At the same time Pathan was called to stop them. After that the action mode starts. After watching the trailer, social media users are now speculating that the trailer itself will end the suspense. But he also believes that what is not shown in this trailer is Deepika’s real intentions. Which can be seen in the picture.

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Social media users are claiming that Deepika Padukone and not John Abraham will be the real villain in the film. Although everyone is liking the trailer of Pathan. At the same time, users are doubting about Deepika’s character. Now to know the climax, we have to wait for the release of the film. This film is going to hit the theaters next January 25 with his upcoming film Pathandene.


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