How did Papa Johns Steve Flynn die? Meet His Wife Shannon And Family

People are searching for Steve Flynn’s Obituary after Papa John’s delivery boy was brutally murdered for a box of pizza. Read more to know the complete news.

An Indiana family is heartbroken following a senseless and brutal crime in Indianapolis. Steve Flynn was working as a pizza delivery driver for Papa John’s when he was shot dead in his car last week. His wife said that the person took the pizza and the car and drove to 30th Arlington and dumped the car, but they didn’t take any money, because her husband didn’t carry any money and only had $300 in his wallet. She further added that she can’t digest the fact that her husband was killed over just a pizza. She said Steve Flynn was a loving husband and father of two, and he was days away from meeting his first grandchild.

Papa Johns Steve Flynn

How did Papa Johns Steve Flynn die?

The pizza delivery guy was found dead with a gunshot wound on a residential street in Indianapolis at around 11 pm on March 30. He passed away after being transferred to a hospital. Steve’s tragic murder raises several questions regarding the safety of an individual throughout the globe, and now, his family is demanding justice. His death left everyone devasted, as he was an innocent, extremely kind, and loving individual. His family is heartbroken and is demanding justice.

Furthermore, the official statement from the family’s side has not been issued yet as they are seeking some privacy. Steve was a doting and devoted father of two. He was expecting to become a grandfather in the next few days. He constantly made an effort to improve his world. Shannon Flynn, his wife expressed her sadness and confronted that she regret not meeting him the last time.

Papa Johns Steve Flynn

She claims that a few years ago, her husband started working as a pizza delivery driver for Papa John’s. He even made some amazing buddies there while working. She recalled that there were a few customers on his route who would call each week to order pizza and he would happily bring them food. Steve was working his regular shift at Papa John’s on Thursday night. He was scheduled to deliver at a residence close to 14th and Priscilla Ave.

Furthermore, the home that Steve was scheduled to deliver to was vacant. according to his wife. Currently, his entire family is trying to struggle with the loss of a person that was a big part of their lives. Through the following paragraph, let’s get to know more about Papa John’s driver, his wife, and his personal life.

Papa Johns Steve Flynn

John Flynn, 57 was a happily married man. He was married to Shannon Flynn. She was a supportive partner, and they were spending their old days with happy smiles, and laughter. After his death, Shannon lost one of her biggest hopes to live life. Since she is a private person, very less is known about her professional endeavors. However, the identities of his children have not been revealed yet. Still, it is said that he was expected to become a grandfather in the upcoming days.

Following his death, Justin Turner, 33 has been accused of his death by IMPD. Turner is currently accused of murder, robbery, and having a firearm during a major violent crime. Besides, Steve Flynn’s family does find some comfort in the fact that the individual allegedly guilty of his murder is currently behind bars.

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