Pakistan is suffering from inflation, onion is selling at Tk 215 per kg, know the price of flour, chicken and ghee

Pakistan is facing economic crisis as well as acute shortage of other essential commodities. Here the price of one kg of ghee has risen to 2500 rupees.

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Struggling financially Pakistan Inflation has reached seventh heaven. Now it is difficult for poor people to feed themselves. flour People of Pakistan are fighting among themselves for one packet. Due to the problem of inflation, people are not even able to buy vegetables. In fact, prices of food and beverages have increased in every season, including wheat, flour, sugar, rice, green vegetables and onions. Even government godowns are empty.

According to media reports, Pakistan is facing economic crisis as well as acute shortage of other essential commodities. In such a situation, the neighboring country is struggling to import wheat flour to meet the internal deficit. The price of chicken has increased from 300 Pakistani rupees last month to around 700 Pakistani rupees this month. He is expected to go higher, reports said, citing official sources.

Importing wheat from Russia to meet the deficit

According to Times Now, price inflation in Pakistan is such that the Pakistan Poultry Association and Federal Food Security Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema have to play their part so that the common man eats less chicken. The current wheat flour crisis in Pakistan is mainly in Punjab. And Sindh started with the miscalculation of governments. According to local media reports, Pakistan needs 4 lakh bags of wheat to meet its immediate domestic needs. The debt-ridden country is importing wheat from Russia to cover the deficit.

Following are the prices of essential commodities in Pakistan in January 2023-

  • Onion – Rs 215 per kg
  • Chicken – 700 rupees per kg
  • Wheat flour – Rs 160 per kg
  • Oil – Rs 488 per kg
  • Rice – 145 rupees per kg
  • Beans – 158.95 rupees per kg
  • Tomato – Rs 122 per kg
  • Eggs – 400 rupees per kg
  • Mutton – 1100 rupees per kg
  • Desi Ghee – Rs 1800-2500 per kg

Refused to import wheat

At the same time, there were reports of one death in a stampede in Pakistan’s Mirpurkhas, where people tried to jump on a truck selling wheat at Rs 65 per kg. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, wheat flour is being sold at Rs 3100 for 20 kg. Although India exported surplus wheat to many countries in the Indian Ocean region last year. Pakistan refused to import wheat from India due to diplomatic issues.


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