Paige Spiranac Grip Video Circulated on TikTok Golf influencer posts tip clip in low-cut shirt

Paige Spiranac is a popular golf influencer. She is well-known for her golf skills. People are searching for her viral video on social media. You will get complete details about Paige Spiranac’s viral video in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Paige Spiranac’s Viral Video

Paige Spiranac’s Viral Video

She is a well-known golf influencer. Her passion for golf is unbeatable. She wants to make golf accessible to a wider audience. There are many traditional barriers in golf, especially for women. She wants to break them. Paige has high esteem and high goals. Every new golf player looks at her as an inspiration. She is currently 29 years old and a professional golfer.  People are searching for her viral video. She put a video on her Instagram account regarding having a good golf grip. Many are focusing more on the low-cut shirt that she was wearing rather than her golf grip tutorial. Fans are divided into two categories. The first category shows criticism towards her.  


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They are talking more about her clothes rather than the talent she had. While on the other half, people are praising her. The ones who praise her are the real fans who admire her talent. The people who criticize her believe that she is using her looks to get attention from the audience. She mentions that she just wants to make golf more approachable. The video has gone viral over social media handles. People are debating over the video. Few are saying that she uses her beauty to become popular. Others appreciate her talent and believe that she will bring a change to the golf industry. 

They also say that the video will empower more women to play Golf. The video shows Paige teaching about how a person can hold a golf stick for a perfect grip. It is a short video that is appreciated by beginner golf players. They mention that her short tutorials help them a lot.  Haters are there in every field. They mention that the video is unprofessional. While defending this line, other groups of fans say that professionalism is not important to them. The important thing is the value that they got from the video. Even after the criticism, people admire her more. 

Paige Spiranac’s Viral Video

Paige’s Instagram Profile: 

If you have not seen her video, you can watch it on her Instagram @_paige.renee. She has a good following on her Instagram that is growing continuously. 

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