Paco Rabanne Wife: Was Spanish fashion designer Marriged Before Death?

Paco Rabanne is a well-known Spanish Designer. People want to know about his personal life. Is he married or single? The eighty-eight years old keeps his life private. Let us get more details about his life and wife. He found the Parisian Fashion House Paco which designs radical craft designs. It started in 1966. He designs for luxurious brands and created his own fashion house. He is known for using unconventional materials like metal, plastic, and paper in his designs. He has written his own book Has The Countdown Begun? And Le 69 which was re-launched.

Paco Rabanne Wife

Who is Paco Rabanne Wife?

The designer was announced to be passed away on 3 February 2023 in Brittany. His designs were unexpected and unwearable. His personal life is still private to us. We don’t have enough information about his married life. The reason for his death is still not known at the moment. Let us have more details about his family.

Paco Rabanne Family Background:

Paco was born in 1934 in Spanish Basque Country. He was born and brought up there. When he was young, he flew with his mother to France. It was the time of war. They both escape from the city to save their self. His father was in the army. He was shot dead during the war. His mother helped him in building his own fashion brand.

Paco Rabanne Net Worth At Death:

Paco’s total net worth during is death was billions. He has a net worth of $215 million. He was said to be leading the industry. He studied archaeology in his early life. He used his skills to upgrade his business. He had many deals with cosmetic and hair companies. Later, he entered another related industry which is Perfume. The company is named Paco Rabanne Seduction.


Paco Rabanne is a popular artist. He was one of the leaders in the Design industry. His designs used to be unique from others. He makes designs using metals, paper, and plastic. He is reserved from the beginning and does not like to be involved in the media and coverage. His personal life is still unknown to us. During his death, few photographs came out of his family. The loved ones are going through hard times. It is difficult for them to overcome the situation. We wish them strength in the hard times. All his admirers are with him. People started sending condolences to his family. This was all about this article.

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