WATCH: Oshin Pereira Funeral Ceremony St. Vincent Ferrer, Church, Valencia

Whether we know the person personally or not it is always awful to hear the departure news of someone. There are things that made us connected to each other. Despite not having any kind of relationship we feel sorry for the family who lost their loved ones. Again the entire world is mourning the demise of a woman who was well-reputed in South India. The report states that Catholics in Mangaluru are grieving the tragic demise of a young entrepreneur of the community who lost her life in Thailand. Now this news has gone viral on social media and accumulated huge attention and people want to know the information about the deceased along with the cause of the death.

Oshin Pereira Funeral

Oshin Pereira Funeral Ceremony

Well, the report states that the deceased is identified as Oshin Pereira, and the cause of her death is identified as an accident. This shows that most deaths are happening due to road accidents and that is why it is necessary to prevent such cases. However, despite strictly following the traffic rules the cases are not decreasing and constantly increasing day by day. However, this death is not happened due to a road accident. This time the case is different. According to the reports, the young entrepreneur passed away on Tuesday, 11th April 2022 in a scuba diving accident.

The report states that she went for a holiday in Thailand where she decided to perform scuba diving but she and her family never imagined that it would be her last trip. What exactly has happened is not known at this moment and if you really want to know about it, you have to wait until we get the details of it. As per the reports, at the time of her passing, she was 26 years old. She started her career in the baking industry and has been managing a Baking Company for the last few years. Her family, friends, and loved ones are totally devasted by her passing and this news is no less than trauma. Her family never thought that this kind of incident could ever happen to her.

Her death news is officially confirmed by Father Faustine Lobo, a spokesperson of the Catholic Church and a Magalorean priest of Karnataka on Sunday, 16th April 2023. He states that “It is a huge loss for our community as she was a role model for numerous budding youngsters from the Catholic Community. We understand the pain of her family and that is why our deep thoughts with them and we are praying for the salvation of her soul.”

As per the reports, she went to Thailand in order to spend her summer vacation but she never imagined that this would be her last trip. The reports state that her dead body was brought to her native place and the funeral happened on Monday, 17th April 2023 at St Vincent Ferrer Church at around 02:15 PM.

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