Optical Illusions: Find the hidden banana, you only have 11 seconds

In the optical illusion test we bring you today, the artist has hidden a banana somewhere. The challenge is you have to find and say that banana within 11 seconds.

Did you find the hidden banana?

Image credit source: Twitter/@piedpiperlko

These days there are pictures on social media that trick the eye i.e. optical illusions (optical illusionGoing very viral. Such pictures create confusion as well as confusion in people’s minds. There is a common belief that what we see is real. but optical illusion Not so with. Not everyone can find hidden things in them. Things happen before human eyes, but they are not easily visible to human eyes due to the obsession of Maya. Right now, one such picture is making headlines on social media.

The specialty of optical illusions is that netizens do not understand what they are seeing in the picture. People get confused and give wrong answers. These days one such picture is very much discussed, which has made 99 percent of people’s minds wander. A Twitter user named Piyush Tiwari shared an optical illusion photo and asked โ€“ Have you seen the hidden banana in it? Along with this, he puts a condition that you have only 11 seconds to complete this challenge.

Did you find the hidden banana?

In the viral photo, you can see a man planting potted plants on a balcony with children. Pets are also seen in the picture. But the artist has very cleverly hidden a banana somewhere in this picture. If you have eagle eyes then this challenge is only for people like you. So why wait? Run your eyes and find the banana.

If you’re having trouble finding the hidden banana, look at the image on the left. Now you can see it. At the same time, those who haven’t seen the banana yet need not worry. In the image below, we tell you in red circle where the banana is.

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